Ampliative Art: Objectives, vision and principles

Following what has been explained in the Description , here is an overview of the project:


Provide artists from around the world a medium with which they can make known their work, and integrate a set of features with which art actors can develop new forms to remunerate, disseminate, recognize and project their contributions to society.

(More info: “Objectives and operation”)


Art market is an inequitable procedure governed by a set of speculative middlemen who tries to undermine and take advantage of art actors. Ampliative Art proposes improving conditions and prospects of these agents through a reciprocity-based web platform where they can interact and reward each other through other alternative criteria.


  • Generosity/Reciprocity

  • Cooperation

  • Fairness/Equality

  • Art as commons/Free culture/Open knowledge

  • Open source/Free software

  • Transparency/Accountability

  • Decentralized governance

  • Democratic decision-making

  • Income distributed meritocratically

For more info: - Diese Website steht zum Verkauf! - Informationen zum Thema ampliativeart. and - Diese Website steht zum Verkauf! - Informationen zum Thema ampliativeart.

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