Ampliative Art: Phase 1 of development

As I proposed in “Initial strategy proposal”, it would be nice to start thinking on how we can build the first phase.

These are all the key features I proposed in for create an eco-system for empower art actors around the world:

  1. All actors/users can create their profiles for free

  2. Create their own galleries and make their works available

  3. Follow and be followed by others

  4. Receive notifications

  5. Give money donations

  6. Comment and review the contributions of the community

  7. Disseminate the contributions of others

  8. Propose exchanges for the works exposed

  9. Send direct messages

  10. Evaluate the contributions made by others

  11. Take part in the decision making of the platform and Ampliative Art

  12. Propose new ideas and discuss existing ones

  13. Audit the accounts and movements of the organization

  14. Increase their community reputation according their contributions

  15. Contribute in the construction of the platform and Ampliative Art

  16. Check their community reputation and their history

  17. Receive distributed income according their community reputation

(Some visual examples of these features could be seen here)

For the first phase, I propose to build all those features which allow actors/users to interact amongst them as an alternative art procedure (features from 1 to 10), and integrate a democratic decision-making tool as DemocracyOS or Loomio (11, 12).

Due I know starting the development of a web platform is not an easy job being a non-profit project and committed with open art without investors nor web developers involved, I’ve thought it would be helpful for the project:

  • Motivate Core Team members and contributors with a crowdfunding campaing which allows them to receive some income as incentive.

  • Develop a manual process as starting point in some part of the web-platform (which should be discussed). I mean, following a kind of Lean methodology with manual process, plus the collaboration of a team of people involved.

So, summarizing, for get build phase 1, we would require:

For more info on the project check out the Description page or

Any comment, critique, idea, proposal or hello also welcome :))