An Apology for the Internet

I highly recommend this article that interviews a bunch of Internet old timers and their perspective on what happened and, to them, what went wrong. And, in the midst of all this, here is Edgeryders trying to not just hang onto, but help continue to flower the original good intent…and it has to be said that despite how much the beautiful Net vision has been tarnished, there are still lots of places working in that spirit.


I read this when @matthias first shared it. Very interesting high-level view.

However, there is one bit that’s missing from it: all eyes are on the stacks and the gigaplatforms. This is reasonable. But there remain plenty of places where the Internet seems to work as intended. And not all of them are small: think Wikipedia, or StackExchange. Me, I’m retreating to these corners, leaving behind mostly avatars in the more commercial space.

Yes I agree. I always say that when asked. The good stuff is still there if you want it.