An idea: the Edgesense Early Users Group

In the wake of MoN3 we thought it would be a good idea to pull together a group of the 4-5 early users of Edgesense to become, effectively, co-designers of the tool. Edgesense is now more or less stable, but we still have some developer time and can now tweak it so as to make it more useful and pleasurable to use. To a first approximation, this group would include:

  • Hazem and Noemi for Edgeryders
  • Laura and Sabina for InnovatoriPA
  • @IdaLeone for Matera
  • @leesean for Purpose, if he likes the idea
  • Jean-Michel Cornu for Imagination4People
  • hopefully Rosa for EICM
  • hopefully, Mathias Becker for CHEST

But, really, everyone would be welcome. @Hazem, would you be up for acting as convener and setting up an initial Google Hangout? The idea would be to have three:

  1. Do a round of testing – we can give you some questions to ask everybody (this can be done in the first Hangout)
  2. Do a round of co-debugging. What does not work for you in Edgesense? Me and @Luca_Mearelli will participate and see what we can take on board.
  3. Do a round of feature requests. Hazem has already included some requests in the wiki, and Jean-Michel also was starting to make some. if we have the resources, we will be happy to extend the features of Edgesense based on your requests.

This, for me, would fulfill the terms of Hazem’s collaboration with Edgeryders on this project. Agree?

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yes, I’m interested.

doodle for the 1st hangout

so here is a doodle for the 1st hangout, let’s decide on a date to start the 1st testing round


It’s a yes from me too, looking forward to it… I filled in my options. Would it would be good to have a little time to build it up and give everyone a chance to prepare? Let’s see… If next week is too close, perhaps Hazem you could extend it?

I could also do after the 5th of April, but not the week before…


it seems this week is very close , so i edited the options to have either from wed-sat this week or wed - sat the week after 6 april

Do it properly

Most people to be invited are not on Edgeryders. We have to do this more carefully. I emailed  everyone to open this conversation, letting Hazem follow up.

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