An invitation to the KKnomics festival in Stavanger

We have been invited to the KKnomics festival in Stavanger, Norway. The go-between is a journalist called Kjerstin Gjengedal, who also runs a podcast on alternative economies.

As part of the festival, this year we are trying to look into the world of “sci-fi-economics”, in a stage talk during the festival, hosted by Reidun and Kjerstin Gjengedal. Your work with the Science Fiction Economics Lab is truly inspiring, and opens up for wider talks and discussions about the economic system in general, and I believe such a perspective and willingness to look for alternatives is something a that could enrich a discussion platform and festival like KÅKÅnomics. So I hope this sounds interesting to you. The panel will most likely consist of one or two economists, maybe a Norwegian sci-fi writer, and also Karl Kristian Bambini, he is researching the field of “utopian and science fiction economics”.

Bambini is a game master :-). The plan is to make the panel into an episode of Kjerstin’s podcast. The date is October 26th.

It would be great fun, but I am reluctant to travel to Norway (flights et.) just for fun. So, question to our Nordic contingent @hugi and @nadia : do you see business opportunities here? If so, would you consider going to represent Edgeryders in my stead? If not, I will counterpropose a remote participation to the panel.

It’s a little tight for me I’m a afraid, already a bit too much going on in October.

I do see opportunities there if the organisers can help broker introductions to some of the managers at the organisations that are funding the event? Can you have a chat with her and ask? If yes, then I can travel there.

Nadia, can you take care of that? I can put you in touch.

I did