An opportunity in Poland for the impact conference

UCL is planning to run a communication event in collaboration with the Batory Foundation. This is a very interesting organization: a super-strong foundation, the main source of finance for civil society orgs in Ploand (founded by Soros! In 1988! the govt cannot touch it because it is too strong and popular!).

Jan deals with Edwin Bendyk, chairman of the board. He is strongly supportive of POPREBEL. Also, he likes science fiction, and, according to Jan, he would see eye to eye with us on the Witness front :slight_smile:

Since they are talking anyway, maybe we can find a role for him (or someone else in the network) in our impact conference, so that we can exploit their massive mailing list and comms network in Poland? Also, I would not mind to come in closer contact with Sorospace.

This is for @nadia and, in her absence, @ivan.

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