An update on the OpenVillage, fellowships etc

Hi Everyone,

A few updates that may be of interest ahead of our MENA workshops:

  1. The first workshop has taken place in Berlin. Its focus was on designing the OpenVillage as a network of community spaces for working and living together in the post-job economy. So, what was dicussed? This.

  2. The OpenVillage project is drawing a lot of attention and engagement. As a community designed project, it is being pulled in different directions as people want different things. We have been doing work on realigning The Reef MENA, looking at how we will integrate the OpenVillage vision with the online platform and residencies. After many conversations and discussions this what we see as the plan moving forward.

As always your thoughts are welcome.


@owen this is for the next round of updates etc…

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you have great ideas The OpenVLage view can be integrated into the selected areas by appointing one of those areas to serve as your ambassador . i’m with you any time

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Hey @Nader welcome to edgeryders.
can you elaborate more about the idea of ambassadors ? this sounds interesting but I am not sure what exactly does it mean.
do you mean spaces that are running to be integrated as “houses” in the openvillage ?

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I mean, you choose and train a person to represent you in each area to make it easier for you to open the spaces we are talking about

Nader hi. I think you may want to ask @unknown_author for some suggestions on how to open a space…

hi @unknown_author

Can I know all the current Open Village places in the world?


@zmorda has an idea to do something with students along these lines I think? I think one of the workshops we are doing in Tunisie is around this idea…

@anu and @matthias are doing one in Nepal. @Yosser is doing one in Medenine. A couple of people are working on setting something up in Egypt… @hazem can ping them I think, @unknown_author @SyMorin and I are discussing Maroc.