And so, it begins: an early network of the Internet of Humans conversation

As a thank you gift for the lovely Internet of Humans matchmaking event, held on Saturday in Stockholm, I thought I would make an early harvest of the IOH conversation on this forum. It’s only a social network, not a social semantic one, because no ethno coding has yet taken place. But still, we have 58 unique contributors, that authored 347 posts in 45 topics. In total, the nascent corpus is already 44K words long (UPDATE – 8 hours later, same day, we have 60 unique contributors, 365 posts in 47 topics, and 46K words. This does not yet include the documentation from the Stockholm event). And here’s the network:

It has 58 nodes, one for each contributor to the debate, and 120 edges (UPDATE – 8 hours later, on the same date, the graph had 60 nodes and 126 edges. I have not update the figure.). Node color maps to unweighted degree, i.e. the number of people with which each of us has direct interaction. A warmer color indicates higher degree. The most connected person is, unsurprisingly, the community manager @johncoate, followed by @hugi, me and @MariaEuler. @matthias, @zelf, @katjab, @pbihr and @mattiasx are also quite active. Most of the others have only 1-4 connections. Notice the “northern star” configuration, with a lot of the Swedes gathered around Hugi. As the conversation develops, its social network will continue to change with each post we write. I will post periodic updates for everyone to see. :slight_smile:

also ping @Heshanij @RobvanKranenburg @lynge @mirkopresser.


Thank you Alberto. Lovely to see. What are you using to make these maps?

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This chart may come in handy for us in showing the Commission that we are underway with something substantial.


Thanks for sharing, looking forwards to follow the updates :cherry_blossom:

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