And the selected submission is

Out of the three submissions that were pushed to the top in the public poll we selected this animated one by Rossella Bargiacchi & Ellen Vedder. Congratulations and thank you all for putting in time and passion into this, we really appreciate it and hope we can channel all this good energy into Edgeryders and back out to the participants.

Description of concept: In the making of the logo we have chosen the double tangram as starting point. This expresses the feeling of balance and dynamics in the term ‘edge-riding’. Initially we looked for one powerful image, but gradually we found that the very many possibilities of the double tangram better fit your organization. We therefore propose to make a so-called “animated logo”. This can digitally be used on the website but also for a newsletter or on facebook. The animated logo consists of a number of applicable tangram shapes which change from one into another. Find out more about their work at &

Motivation:Our move in setting up a poll was intended as a sign of respect and engagement towards our fledgling community, the message being that we – as we do an exercise of wiki policy – are prepared to accept external input even on the way we look. The poll is meant to give us an idea of where our fledgling community wants to go in terms of look and feel, but we make the final decision. The reason being that in building Edgeryders, the team is constantly navigating a complex space with many many stakeholders involved- from individual participants to representatives of national governments. To any given design challenge there are an infinite number of possible solutions and we believe in the power of the crowd - the more input from the more diverse a participant base, the smarter and better the end result. It’s not the same as design by committee, which I (Nadia, creative direction) do not believe in at all - but it’s about opening the space for a conversation with the community when there are several possible directions to move in. We selected Ellen and Rosella’s submission because it communicates more about what the platform actually is about and concept is scalable and can be used as a framework for producing more visual content for the platform. Also it is legible and easily distinguished. The form can easily be adapted to suit different implementations of the site’s visual identity. Finally it was pushed to the top three by the community without much campaigning and resonated with the team.

How Edgeryders will use it: Although we cannot commit to using it as the official Edgeryders logo, we plan to include elements of the concept in the final site.

Featured contributions (in no particular order):

by Victor Mark

Description: The logo represents walking the edge between two worlds, the old and the new. Finding that balance is what will decide the future of Europe and it’s youth. It’s also inspired by the female form, because we all come from a woman. The future is dependent on the women of today finding their voice and using it to create a more nurturing and fair global village. Find out more about Victor’s work at

by Peter St. James

Description: The logo I’ve designed could be seen as an “e” or an angled “R”, and is based on the tangrams you mentioned in the brief. The logo represents unity and a common vision/goal, where all the edges come together to meet in the middle. The edges aren’t all perfectly sharp to ensure that the Edgeryders brand doesn’t appear too aggressive or impersonal. Find out more about Peter’s work at:

by Juanma Cabarcos

Brand idea: A new way to learn, create, share and care. A new 2p2 learning environment. A simple, dynamic & warm brand, with flexible applications.

by Robin Lantz

I thought this logo is a beautiful example of good craftsmanship and wanted to feature it//Nadia Ok, this is a wrap up! Thank you everyone for participating, voting and for great ideas! It’s been a blast to see the works of such talented, creative people!