Anybody @ Fusion Festival 26.06. - 30.06.2019, Germany?

Any edgeryders present at the Fusion Festival in Germany next weekend?
There will be no separate tickets (except for last day, sunday), all tickets are equally distributed using lottery mechanisms. People do compare it to the Burning Man, and besides all the “trip hype” there is a full dosage of (“traditional” and “alternative”) culture to be found there - I was there last year for the first time with my 10y daughter and we had a lot of fun and seen some really amazing performances and stuff.

wait a minute @matthias is this the one you mentioned all those years ago?

You mean the one where I repaired the Internet of the Coptic monks? That was Freakstock. Different festival, same friendly vibe
:stuck_out_tongue: :musical_note:

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Yep, that one :))

Ill be in Berlin for some of those days Felix, happy to meet if you are around

I’ll just be at the festival, real busy before and after. But next time!

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I sense a nice campfire story. Can you tell us? :smile:

Hehe sure. I made a new topic for this:


I was there last year but missed the lottery this time. It’s great, I hope we can meet there next year if you plan to go!

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@natalia_skoczylas @nadia
I was thinking about proposing a workshop there for next year. If you are inspired, creative and have a lot of time, maybe we could host something together (~ “analog and digital communities: two examples of how we try hard and how hard we try”). Just a very quick idea popping up unreflected.

Btw by the same organisation (and same place) there is the

Have never been there and will most likely not find time this year.

Hey, so interesting, I haven’t heard of the second event, and I am already booked for these dates anyway

  • but absolutely, I’d love to cook up a session for the Fusion, in fact I was planning to do so this year, but then I got too many things going in my life. We should have a call sometime in the following months to discuss it - for me December would be good, it’s a long shot, I know, but many things will be over for me by then.

Otherwise, we can also have a thread on the platform to slowly add ideas and build inspiration for what this could become. Thanks for offering it!

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Do you have any contacts already? Wrt to deadlines for workshop proposals and stuff? I also still have some dates available in december :stuck_out_tongue: , but that might be too late.

I can’;t find the call anymore, but it opened around January and was running until April or May - let’s do it this way, I will put this to my calendar and be responsible to ping you when the call is out :slight_smile:

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Btw registration-lottery to Fusion 2020 is open till dec 14 2019. I am not 100% sure that we will give it a try again this year, as we evaluate alternatives.

i will register and see if we get lucky, then decide what to do. but let me know what else do you find, and I will keep my eye on calls - we might go do something there after al, maybe :slight_smile:

How about this years installment? There is two events (Red and Blue), anybody going?

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Hello there @felix.wolfsteller, seeing this only now… I considered Team Black, but I need to prioritize other trips, long postponed because of you-know-what.

In general, it is a bit of a raw year for this kind of event, for me at least. :slight_smile:

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hell ya. Anyway, the Red/Black events were cancelled for this year. Maybe there will be three smaller Fusions later in summer. I am still looking for (responsibly managed) events with fun AND meaning. If anybody has a tip, please share.

My younger friends are just partying, COVID be damned. They have the fun covered, the responsibly managed… depends on your propensity to risk. Me, I think the first half of this summer will give its best in small groups, physical exercise, deep conversation. Eco-tourism, perhaps. But then, game on. :slight_smile:

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