Anyone who is in with projects&form to fill, please give a sign of life to prototype the FormStorm this week (26-30Nov)

In order to make the First 3hour Online FormStorm happen first week of December (before the SocInnCompetiotion Deadline) we need to test everything. Lets make it this week. My priority is Saturday or Sunday evening. Please, ping me here or on twitter @j32804 (I respond quicker)



Can you explain a bit what the test is going to look like? How much time do you need?

Me: definitely not available on Saturday. Could make Sunday.

Fit this during London Meetup?

I think the London Meetup is going to be about the unMonastery in Matera, but if we want to fit in the Form Storm on Sunday afternoon /evening - why not? I committed to finish the Che Fare application (deadline on the 9th) so won’t make it for the EU Soci Innovation one (deadline on the 11th) unless my insomnia grows even more - which is plausible :slight_smile:

Maybe we can come back to you during the London Meetup?

FormStorm Test

Good point. I’ll write it down before the sun sets, or shortly after. The screenplay.

You see, I have rather clear picture in my head (ok, with slight variations) and keep forgetting that extra sensory perception is not always fully functional (on mobile devices). But anyway. Screenplay: started with a action instructions; script and scene directions are coming.