Applying for the H2020 collective intelligence call - looking for operational partners and collaborators

Who is Mulgan?

@BlackForestBoi I think being a network partner totally makes sense. I have ideas around structured annotation formats specifically designed for building shared context and developing collective intelligence. These formats aggregate into a universal online knowledge graph which can then serve as a platform-agnostic context engine, which I see as essential for helping build shared understanding.

This is good work, Oliver. I salute you.


Thanks so much. Happy to be hear and hope to contribute :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification @alberto

@BlackForestBoi thx much for this. I meant Geoff Mulgan, NESTA. But maybe NESTA is already on your list. Agreed re ICT-57, it would be quite a stretch. The discussion about property design as key vector of organizational development has picked up quite a bit in Germany (Eigentumskonferenz 2018 - Eigentumskonferenz,, extremely exciting and timely to see the question of steward ownership featured so centrally here. One question: how do you feel about the platform coop discussion in relation to SO? Imo the “cooperative renaissance” (also see this on distributed cooperative organizations) is part of the move toward a different sense of ownership and a way to broaden the public value discussion we have been having (whatever the limitations of refocusing innovation narratives to give state actors a larger role, the adoption of mission-oriented research by the EU is a key dev). In fact the coop discussion is a possible WP I could see us contribute to. In this context I am also curious about edgeryders relationship to mydata - I have seen it mentioned here but am not sure how this relates to other edgeryders projects (also b/c I am still catching up on open care etc). But if steward ownership is to be a focus of the proposal it seems to me that cooperative data governance frameworks may play a role.

No have not had contact with him. I only know Katja Bego and contacted her.
She seems very busy though.
If you have a good connection to Geoff, I think it would be great if you can show him this thread (and specifically my last update) and see if they are interested to join as a consortium partner, as we are still looking for a strong operational partner, like NESTA.

Glad you mention the Eigentumskonferenz. We know the folks from Purpose a while already and they are our mentors. They helped me with the presentation at the EC recently too.

But if steward ownership is to be a focus of the proposal it seems to me that cooperative data governance frameworks may play a role.

Re platform coops: Fully agree. I had them in the initial briefing more prominently positioned, but not in the recently sent update which was more focused on the general dynamic, less on the implementation. The next section I am working on is “methodology”, where specific examples of Steward Ownership, like Platform Coops should be included.
Glad you also mentioned the mission focused approach of the EC, will see how I can incorporate those.

In fact the coop discussion is a possible WP I could see us contribute to

I’d be great, if you can formulate a rough work package for that. Would help to get a better sense of what you have in mind there.
Meaning: Objectives, Tasks and Deliverables across a 36month time frame (given only 30 months are incubation period)
Also important to note for the proposal is why your organisation would be uniquely positioned to provide value to that area.

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Ok I pinged Mulgan re NESTA involvement. And will work on WP description.

I set up a zoom room for you guys tomorrow (Friday 6th) 18:00 Brussels time:

Edgeryders Team is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Applying for the H2020 collective intelligence call
Time: Dec 6, 2019 06:00 PM Brussels

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 366 865 057

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Look interesting. You may find this post and the source materials it draws from useful 5 New Principles for Justice in the age of AI (and other networked technologies)? - #3 by nadia

Possibly also @teirdes @markomanka @sedyst might be interested in ^^.


Who are these institutions?

One of the questions I have, from an outsider looking in, is the requirement to have an Operational Partner. I’m just curious if there is any willingness on a project basis to build this capability up in edgeriders, or otherwise instead of having a third party manage this. It is a bit like the business rational of subcontract versus do hiring internally — is this so specialized that it negates taking this on internally?

Or are there expectations from the funding organizations that a third party “audit and control” how things are executed? In the longer term, I’d see an organization that can both execute and manage their projects, capacity building… — could be a feature that is compelling to the funding organizations.

Please take this question in kindness where I am not questioning prior decisions, but simply seeking to understand.


Try the Death Star of Horizon 2020:

But NGI has its own high level, that does not necessarily coincide with Horizon 2020 as a whole.


No. That’s administration. We are lousy at it, and have no interest in becoming better.

Also, you cannot subcontract it, because the Commission frowns upon subcontracting key functions (rightly).

The coordinator of the NGI Forward consortium is NESTA – well funded, super well connected, large.

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I can talk to colleagues at Fraunhofer, if that makes sense. Let’s discuss these options in the call later.

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Thank you for a great call @BlackForestBoi, @soenke and @lylycarrillo! Very interesting collaborations and synergies! Let me know if I can help out in any way here :slight_smile:


@MariaEuler @soenke @lylycarrillo

I’d like to do a community call on this every Thursday at 6pm to talk about the next steps.

Soenke and Lyly: Did you already get feedback from people you approached?
Here is an updated invitation:

And here is the public Google Doc of the proposal [WIP]

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I will set up the recurring call for you guys and post the link here. Will be the same link every week and you should be able to enter the room room even without me with as many people as needed


Hi @BlackForestBoi
I have contacted Eva from Nesta via LinkedIn, and I have also sent an email to Ruben from imec. You are in CC in that email.

I will approach P2Pf, TimeLab, Michel Bauwens, but I am not sure of the kind of partnership/role that fits them. What could I write specifically to them?

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Shall we do the call then all together on Wednesday 8:30pm with Ruben, instead of Thursday?