April presentation kickoff

Calling @reef-recruitment ! I propose to launch the next presentation, no point in waiting as now we are accelerating towards purchasing a site.

After looking at the calendar, Lie and I propose one of these three dates:

  • 8th April
  • 15th April
  • 17th April

The 8th has the slight disadvantage that it falls under the Easter school holiday period (but only for the Flemish schools, because this is Brussels and even school holidays have to be complicated). We have a plenary on the 10th in the same week.

The week of the 15th we have a full members dinner scheduled for the 18th,

I will probably not attend myself (I could maybe make the 15th, but it’s doubtful), but that’s not a big problem. Happy to email Victor once we agree on a date.


No problem for me! Although the only date that I can definitely be there for the presentation is the 17th. Obviously no big deal if it’s one of the other dates and I can’t make it…

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Ok, let’s do it. @Dave_behave, can you support a presentation on any of those dates?

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17 April works best for me too! But if not possible, I could make myself available for the other 2 dates as well…

All dates work for me

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