Arabic Formatting weird font size

hey guys does anyone Knows why is this happening, it was not like this at first, then this “bug” is continuously bugging me

so if you write in Arabic without right alignment the font is normal like this
انا اكتب بالعربية الان

but if you write with right alignment the font is automatically bigger like this

انا اكتب بالعربية الان

@matthias @daniel

Hmm yes this is a feature that we added some time ago :smiley:

The reasoning was that, during our first project involving Arabic letters Gazbia said that they are a bit too small to be comfortably readable (at the time they were the same size as the Latin letters in Drupal, but maybe the default font size in Drupal was different, I don’t know).

We can adjust as needed. What font size is best practice for Arabic letters?

mmmmm it could be very subject then, for me the normal font size the same as the English one is very comfortable to read.

specially if the post has Arabic and English it is very weird to have different font sizes. but again it is very subjective and no one seem to be annoyed with it :smiley:
may be before changing get another opinion @m_tantawy @zmorda what do you guys think ? am I the only one who annoyed by this ?

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to be honest I haven’t even noticed :smiley: Yes it’s weird , especially one you are obliged to use an english world while writing a post in arabic. @hazem