Are codes being rearranged?

Suddenly there are plenty of duplicate codes… can you help me understand, @melancon and @jason_vallet?

Yes, I started noticing this at the beginning of July. I think the id of some ethnographic code has been updated by Drupal overtime when some modification/merger of these code was performed by Amelia, thus duplicating them on our database.

As the operation was completed on your side, a complete flush of our database and simply rebuilding it should fix this. The only problem is that I cannot really do it as long as I do not have working views to get the content.

Wait: we are talking here about the data ON DRUPAL. The old site is still up and running at All views still work, provided you prefix them with legacy..

For the purpose of this paper, we will not use recent content. If you can flush and rebuild the database, you should do so, because then we will base our work on it in its present state. I will then get you started on the new site’s APIs. Works?

Ok, after flushing, I have managed to lose one of the ‘burnout’ code but I still have some doubles. Can I use the ‘Merge Duplicate Terms’ tool of OpenEthnographer to fix it?

I guess so… @amelia, what should we do?

I use the “merge duplicate terms” tool all the time. I have no idea why duplicates are continually created—I have to do this on a very regular basis. It’s confusing to me why there would be a proliferation of these now, though, as I haven’t coded all of August and I will almost certainly have merged all duplicates before that.

Go ahead and do it @jason_vallet — I do not have any intentional separation of duplicate terms.