Are the participants interested in outdoor activities? Can we return in time from the Coffee break?

It may be a good Idea for future activities to interact with the living citizens of the conference helding city, in a session of 2-3 hours, in an outdoor space - as a park. It may be feasible and possbile to realise it, whether the weather will not be proper (raining conditions or powerfull sunlight). The main scope of doing a conference session outside is that we as human beings, we need nature and light, even in the moments of working on something (see the reason of having bigger windows at work, transparent walls and plants or aquarium). Being an opened session to everyone, but in a park (and eventually promoted) it will be more accesible to citizens - and more attractive. The dressing code shall not be over the casual or smart casual type. Thus being said, I’m inviting you to offer feedback and ideas for this proposal.

The other question, can we?

This may be a problem for the timekeeper and organiser of the conference, because the delays may not be welcomed. So my idea for this concerning is to take lead everytime you are in a coffee break and try to take your networking partner/s in time to conference room. It may help the organisers and us to be in time there. I’m not a guy from the organising team, but I guess that this question raised my help them and us.

So, you can develop another idea, there a tonne of them, maybe some creative ones, will be the most appreciated.

On it :slight_smile:

It’s a great idea, Georgel. In fact, somebody already thought of it. We have a full (free) unconference happening on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th, organized with the help of Alsace Digitale and the University of Strasbourg. Details and registration:


Thank you, it seems to be a wonderfull event.

I’ll look forward to receive more info’s from you on how I can get there (or if is any covered expenses).

That’s all

All the info are on the website. The unconference is not a Council of Europe official event, so no expense is covered. On the other hand, it (like the party on Friday night) is free to attend.

Open doors

It 'a good idea to make the conference also open to outsiders. In addition to meetings in the parks, as you suggested, I think you could also open the attendace of some events to general public. Doing in this way, you could allow people to freely attend the conference, primarily calling for university students. For example, you could also make arrangements with Universities to provide ECTS for the students who participated.

open box

I guess that everyone is in need to change the working environment or in this case- the conference place (but as weather forecasts are showing that it will rain this weekend, it might not be the best place if its not prepared before). The scenario where you could provide ECTS credits to participating students, it is a great one. On one hand the students will be happy and will give better results-let’s say attending classes or recreative classes kept firstly online at international level, and the offline- in a edgecamp meeting.

See you at the unconference!

I think it is a very nice idea to have something outdoor, but as the time is limited during the conference, I think unconference would fit better!

See you the day after :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ll be there