Are we a partly Italian cultural innovation?

sorry for the delayed answer…

Dear Ilaria, I’m so sorry for the delayed answer…

YEs, it is a good idea to join forces with social media group, sure!

what are we talking about…?

  1. You refered a post ( where in the “projects” or blog page ?)

    but, don’t know exactly what a “new post on the communication issue”

    could share at this point?.. do you have any idea?

  2. Incorporating the proposal and explain the voting process in a future newsletter…

  3. Create a serie of tweets and posts for FB prepared in advance for spreading the word…

    (what to say to social media at this point?)

    Is there anything that you see that can be made counting from now, or shall we have the concept and images first?

ps. I haven’t been able to catch up with what’s being shared about this topic…

Please do ping me, @ilariadauria, if there is anything you think it’s a good task for me! :wink:

Cultural innovation

There is a line of argument here that rests upon that we are researching cultural forms.  Maybe producing cultural artefacts, but also consciously seeking to stimulate an environment that encourages spin offs.  If you will, addressing cultivating the culture of culture.

I can go on if anyone encourages me.  I’ve said a lot, and am trying to trim down my excess verbiage.  However, if anything is useful, I’m always go for a bon mots or two and once it gets translated then it is really out of my hands…

[Bembo], I feel this is really interesting and would love to hear more about it. Unfortunately the time is really limited: I developed the design/crafts part as it seems that this could bring a revenue stream to the unMonastery (the Che Fare application inquires also on this), but would love to know more about in what way you mean with “cultivating the culture of culture”. I think it is important we develop some ideas: they are never lost as calls are always coming up!

Updated the WIKI application for Che Fare

Hi Edgeryders!

Here you can find the updated application for the Che Fare bid. Sorry, it is in Italian, so only Italian speakers can give me feedback on it. Namely, I would count on

[Rita O] and [immaginoteca] to give me feedback on the design/crafts and parametric design issues, especially linked to the open source technology part.

I cannot work on it until next Monday, so it would be grand if you people who want to give feedback could do so until Sunday included. As a reminder, this weekend we do have the London Meetup during which I really hope we can get some work done for the unMonastery in Matera. I am positive it can be explosive, especially during this period of confidence related to being shortlisted. However we are lacking resources, in my opinion; this is why I am also particularly interested in knowing more about what activities people whould like to be appointed too if we win the application (this or another one). It is one of the questions of the bid.

Now I’ll get to [pacheca] and discuss the communication issues: indeed, let’s not underestimate the importance of graphic design in the voting process :slight_smile:


@ilariadauria I’ve answered in the wiki (in italian).

let’s keep working