Are Witnesspedia entries too long?

Calling @Worldbuilders. Help me with an Amletic doubt!

I just made another edit to Hygge II. It is now over 4,000 words, with no table of content. Also, it contains plenty of concepts that are familiar to people on Hygge, but not for us Earthlings. Only for the Economy section I had to dream up a currency (the Danegeld), a central bank (Hyggebanki), a powerful ministry of treasury-central planning committee (Hensight), a style of doing policy evaluation (dialogic evaluation). The entry also contains references to Goro, CIVICSMOD, the State Machine… all of them have to be explained, and it is starting to feel overwhelming. Is it only me?

Do you think we should break it down more, with entries like History of Hygge, Economy of Hygge, and so on? And entries for all these new entities that we create?

You’re not alone. I think we should do TOCs and move things that can be standalone (outside of the usual politics-economy-topography-etc) to their own entries.

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