Are you struggling with loss of work? Share your story and learn from others this Tuesday at 12:00pm

Every week we run a group meeting online as a sharing and support environment where people from across the world can meet and learn together. The calls are open to anyone who wants to share their story, and contribute to collective strength building. Edgeryders community managers then help connect participants with other people and opportunities in the network.

Register here to join the calls (12:00pm Brussels time):

Did you miss the previous calls? No worries, here’s a summary:

When work is brought to a halt, no one is lying on their back and waiting for helicopter money, or social security benefits. ‘We cannot rely on any help now’, says Danica whose own personal challenges don’t stop her from wondering how to help others or Anna telling us ‘I lost all my payslips due to the corona virus. I’m lucky enough to have a security network around me that I don’t have to care for rent. Overall I’m really anxious about the future. I will need to find another occupation’.

Have you noticed that while everyone should be slowing down, we are pushing ourselves to do more, learn more, and get ahead of the curve?

What about you, how are you coping? Tell us a little about you here: What we are learning about strategies to cope with loss of work

How are others doing?

Read the postcard from Yerevan ~ Read the postcard from Novi Sad

Send us a story postcard from your city! This interview exercise will help you reflect on your story (it’s therapeutic!):

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hi, I bumped into this through a friends recommendation. This website seems to be nice online collaboration space. i am 30 yo guy, half asian-half hispanic though brought up in UK. I am currently stuck in Bombay, the UK government have planned rescue return flights in next weeks, so fingers crossed.thankfully there are enough supplies in the hotel and the the social distancing and hygiene conduct is pretty impressive.


Hi @BrianW, welcome on board! I really hope your government gets you out immediately,
Did you go there because of work reasons? Is there anything you’d be interested in learning from this community…? That way, I can connect you to the different people and projects who are sending updates from all around - Edgeryders spans a few tens of countries.

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Yes, it was for work indeed- but due to NDA i cannot disclose much in public forums about clients and work nature.

no it is ok , as it is for now, as i am just reading stuff on your community pages

that is good to hear, i assume it is limited to the Europe and perhaps North Americas

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@noemi btw do any of you guys have any known cases around you - i mean neighborhood, work colleagues, close circles?
I guess people in mainland Europe are scared or hopeless . or they are not too worried in general. I guess young people might not be cautious

Ironically our PM got the virus.

Some people probably do, can’t speak for them. But yes, I do know people who got it, both in Belgium and just learned about a friend in Azerbadjan… the latter recovered already.

Yes, what to say to this… the world is watching :grimacing: