Artistic Thoughts

Hello everyone
I am Nejib Ammar KHARCHOUFI, geoscientist engineer, from Tunisia.
I want to share one of my stories with you
since my childhood, I was talented in sculpture . but I was banned by my family to do some creative works. My father felt that the sculpture is not halal. But, my mother, she was always in my side, she encouraged me without the permission of my father. once I was in my room, creating a little clay dog ​​with simple materials; spoon, knife, nail and of course clay mud …
Suddenly, my father arrived, he saw me … he was really ungry
he said: not halal, not halal
and he started hitting me hard.
i was so frightened …
that was in 2005 … I waked up at the hospital with breaks in my arms and so bad memories in my minds.
after this remarkable event, my parents have divorced.
and I was disgusted with my life, and i forget the sculpture for many years
in December 16, 2017, I found a picture when I was little
I focused on my hands that were full of clay balls with my sister playing in the garden.
I started crying … all those memories comes in my mind
all that passion has returned. I took the clay paw and I sculpted…
to sum, nobody can change me and I always remain faithful to the arts


Good for you!

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hey @Nejib_Ammar_5 is that your work as a kid ? or is this your recent work when you started to play with clay again ?
either way it is quite nice, do you think of joining some fine arts group or so to work more on your skills. Is there a group nearby you ?

that’s quite a hard experience just for playing with clay. can I ask about your relationship with your father now , you don’t have to answer but since you opened up and shared with us, if you want to talk more about your experience, this is a safe space :smiley:

شغل جميل يا نجيب سواء عملته وانت صغيراو حاليا( النحت اللى فى الصورة )

اتمنى انك تكمل وتلاقى مجموعة تشتغل معاها فى الفن اللى بتحبه

لو عايز تتكلم اكتر عن علاقتك بابيك زمان وحاليا ممكن تتكلم اكتر لو حابب …كلنا اذان صاغية ولانصدر احكام على الاشخاص عموما …هذه مساحة حوار امنه اذا حبيت تكمل الحوار

وعلى العموم اتمنى انك تكمل نحت و تنمى هوايتك اكتر

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Thank you a lot @hazem , i’d like to share my sotry because i trust you. This work i made it on 16,december 2017 and i remember the pain as well the passion i had. So i’d like to meet people more professional than me to improve my skills and to learn some basics rules. Infortunately there is no one here in my area could help me .
My relationship with my father ended from 2005 and i have no idea about him even in the Aid he didn’t visit us. So i carry on my life alone and i’m now 25 years old. it doesn’t matter if he is next to me or not.
In fact, by sharing the story of my father, the religious one, i didn’t mean to transfer wrong idea of Islam.

Islam is a religion of mercy and tolerance and these anomalies do not represent it.