Assembl - Towards a Concept of Knowledge as a Generative Resource

I’ve taken a look at the Assembl Sandbox of the Assembl project, this afternoon. I think Assembl has a really novel application model – such as with regards to a sort of a manner of a view about discussions as “Dynamic events,” in a sense.

Candidly, I was finding much difficulty with the web interface itself. I wonder if perhaps anyone has considered developing an Eclipse RCP application analogous to the web-based Assembl user interface? The Eclipse Rich Client Platform is more-or-less one of the foundation components of the Eclipse IDE.

Perhaps someone could develop an Assembl for Android app, alternately?

With regards to the thesis concept proposed of this article’s title text, on having read some of the existing literature with regards to knowledge management – including the text, Knowledge management and knowledge management systems: Conceptual foundations and an agenda… in an edition in which the text is titled, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems: Conceptual Foundations and Research Issues  – I’m of an impression that there may be something of a sort of of “Static” view of Knowledge, developed in some of enterprise, perhaps somehow a manner of a perspective that may be en vogue with regards to information theory.  I do not believe as if knowledge could be like any sort of thing layed out in marble, though.

In reference to the previous text, it seems to me that the term “Knowledge” is applied as in as often in a  context where a term “Resource” might serve as a practical synonym. I do not believe as if knowledge, per se, exists in any manner of a material resource itself. In regards to the Asembl discussion model, I think it presents a much more dynamic and well structured way to interact –  juxtaposed to the relatively dynamic, but “Flat” or “Linear” structured layout of the microblog content of Twitter, or the conventional blog content of social neworking sites such as Facebook and G+.

I do not believe it would necessarily be a trivial thing, to make an Eclipse IDE application after the Assembl UI. So far as “Blue sky” project ideas, I think it is in an idea at least.