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Visual Identity Guidelines

ER_Visual_Identity_Guidelines.pdf (2.2 MB)
charte graphique.pdf (16.6 MB)

Key calls to action

Make a new ally
Make new friend
Make an introduction to someone you know
Invite more people to join us
Write something
Take leadership of something (a process)
Commit to something/ make a commit ment
Give us visibility
Connect us to someone who can fund something
Write a proposal
Do research
Share a story
Amplify a message/ give it wings
Connect the dots
See the bigger picture
Change perspective
Inspire someone
Tell us about you
Fund us
Give us visibility
Build a community
Join a community
Welcome someone
Celebrate another person’s achievement
Do an act of kindness
Do an act of generosity
Play a game
Build something
Make a drawing

Key abstract concepts

Build a Cluster
Build a Dense network
Cluster vs Network
Change perspective
See the bigger picture
See a pattern within the chaos
See a path through chaos
Dialogue (at scale)
Share an experience
Share a story
Make a commitment
Co-create an activity
Make an introduction to someone you know
Help open the door for someone
Invite someone to something
Engage others
Tell us your story

One visualisation per page

About Edgeryders
Data Science
Collective Intelligence
Distributed work
Distributed futures
Science Fiction Economics
Good Technology
One Health & Resilience
Regenerative Work & Life
Environment and Climate
Culture for Transformation
Interdisciplinary research
Research Network

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