Autistic children headphones for outdoors

Autistic children have limited behaviours about social connections and they can easily get confused from hearing more than one sound when they are outside. We want to help the children to get out into the world without fear. Usually children get very scared of loud noises and it a ects their behaviour. They nd it very intimidating. We propose to care for them by designing a device that lets them hear their parent’s and other familiar voices, phasing out other sounds like those of tra c, crowd, machines etc.

What are the main aspects of this project?

The main aspect of this project is to use technology that is not only advanced but also very much user friendly. The prototype will be able to have speech recognition so that it detects the sounds of certain people and lets them through but not intimidating sounds like those of tra c and machines

How to?

We can

-use noise cancelling technology and speech recognition software to design the prototype

-introducing simple gestures to use and control the headphones

Links for reference:

What have been done?

There hasn’t been anything speci c that has been designed for autistic children that serves the purpose we intend to solve. There have been independent approaches to speech recognition through software and headphones through software.