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My name Aymen Masmoudi, I’m 30 years old, and since I was a child I have been loving and following technology and everything related to it.

In 2006, I obtained my Baccalaureate Diploma in Mathematics, and then I have decided to get into the virtual world and have started learning by myself through the web.

I have been trying to learn many things including design, videos mounting, net security, and development. That was not as easier as I thought, but it is funny to do what you love and to create your own world.

I developed my experience by working as a Freelancer in many companies around the world including France, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

In 2015, I was nominated to get the “Golden Quality and Innovation Prize” in Paris, and in 2016, I got the Price of the best mobile application in Tunisia.

In my life, my biggest aiming is to contribute on resolving the people’s problems around the world in order to make their life easier and more comfortable.

Actually, I’m working as a mobile developer in a Tunisian Company, but my dream is to get my own Business and to become an International Entrepreneur.

For that reason, AuxiLife came out to my mind: a social network that gives to the persons with deep physical disabilities the ability to hire the suitable “Personal Care Assistant” to assist them in their daily activities.

AuxiLife would be the most used social network all over the world to help persons with disabilities to enjoy their lives, so that they get more autonomy to go anywhere and to do whatever they want without waiting for the charity of the other. This network would allow persons with disabilities the possibility to request for an assistance by posting the details of the activity that they want to do, and get propositions of the Personal Care Assistants through the platform, and then they will choose the best proposal according to criteria that they identify.

AuxiLife will reduce time and energy consumption to look for the “Personal Care Assistant” to be with the person with disabilities.

This was the humble story of Aymen Masmoudi, a mobile developper and a young social entrepreneur from Tunisia, who expect your awareness, your encouragement and your awareness.

Here you find also some pictures and videos

15/07/2016 closing ceremony of MDev (Mobile Development) with the First Minister Mr Habib Essid


hey @aymen.masmoudi welcome on board.
what you are doing is very interesting and should fulfill actual needs. not only in Tunisia but in different parts of the world
but how developed AuxiLife now, is it ready to be launched or not ? and will you reach out to the targeted community specially "the personal care assistants ".

you might have noticed that we are having a big community of opencarers and invisting a lot of time in the opencare project, may be this could be a start ( may be @noemi @natalia_skoczylas @alberto know more about how to integrate with the potential peers in the opencare community )


hi Aymen,

I think @costantino and some of the people in the community around WeMake, their makerspace in Milan might be of interest. They’ve been doing very interesting work as part of the OpenCare research project.

More generally, have a look at the stories from other care-related projects, and feel free to drop comments with questions or throughtful reflections - this is a space for us to learn together.

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hey @hazem.
first i want to thank you for your comment and your support.
actually, the AuxiLife project is very new, i start developping it few weeks ago, after a long time of research and planning, and i think it need more time to be published and used.
thank you for your advices, i’ll try to use them to improve my project.

thank you so much @nadia for your comment.

AuxiLife the dream start to be real

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