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@Noemi, if you need my help I am here.

Thanks so much!

I have doubts over how to go presenting each WP, tasks and subtasks, and how much detail they need.

If we only include 2 digit tasks - 1.2, 1.3… etc as opposed to 1.2.1, 1.2.2 etc… than we could be missing something. If we include all than we need to specify for each who is leading, when it is happening, and potentially also deliverables - a deliverable for each subtask is starting to become a nightmare.

Also, while we clearly need a deliverable for each main task (1.2), do we need a milestone for those same as well?

I would welcome all ideas regarding structuring the WPs description for consistency.

cc @melancon, @Cristina_Martellosio

My proposal

I would structure it like this.

  • Work packages have leaders and milestones; they are divided into tasks
  • Tasks have leaders and deliverables are divided into activities.
  • Activities have nothing.
  • Milestones are bundles of activities.

For example, in WP1 there is Task 1.1, Seed and drive the online conversation.

Deliverables for this activity:

  • D1.1 Deployed, tested OPENCARE online space on the production server at month 3
  • D1.2 10 high-quality posts at month 3
  • D1.3 DRAFT Report on engaging open networks in meaningful online conversations at month 12
  • D1.4 FINAL Report on engaging open networks in meaningful online conversations at month 22

Which roughly correspond to milestones:

  • M1 Conversation-ready online space at month 3 (bundles D1.1 and D1.2)
  • M2 Lively, populated conversation at month 12 (at least 100 participants, 1000 written contributions) (bundles D.1.3 and probably something else from other tasks)

See the spreadsheet. Makes sense?