Hello! Nice to meet you all here online! Congratulations for the initiative. Bucharest is a stream for inspiration and life stories and this kind of projects can bring it more to life, especially in summer time when people are more optimistic and think more profoundly about change-making. (personal opinion :slight_smile: )

I do Sales & Marketing for a sales training company here in Bucharest and my favorite part of the job is organizing events, educational, networking and for entertainment. In two years we have started building our own community of sales professionals and it is amazing to see how engaged they are and always looking forward to see what new events we create. The best part is of course the relationships developed between the members and the joy they have to see one another at the events. When you create a community and you find the glue that sticks everyone together, it is simply an amazing feeling and all you want is to create more and more events!

I am very passionate about community projects therefore I am part of two NGO’s, Rotaract Bucharest and Intercultura Romania, and also student at the only Alternative University in Romania. Rotaract Bucharest is an NGO that commits to creating events and project to support the growth and development of the community. The projects are mainly addressed to orphan children, elderly people and young talented artists in distress. Intercultura Romania is part of the International AFS Organization that provides learning opportunities for students in high-school emphasizing on personal development through intercultural learning and cross cultural encounters.

The most difficult part of my job is coordinating people I guess, it is of course a constant battle between the fast way and the democratic way. I enjoy working in teams and creating concepts together in groups, brainstorming and exchanging ideas. What is always a cross point is ‘it’s this the right way or not?’, or ‘will this create engagement or not’. However it is very fun and entertaining to create concepts and analyze the results afterwards. :slight_smile: The more we try the more we learn.

Spot the Future community is valuable for Bucharest in this era of change and need of individuals for personal and professional expression. It is important to have a hub of information about fantastic projects that happen around us. Many things are happening in Bucharest and it’s difficult to follow all the projects/people, however, not impossible J  People should be more aware about opportunities and share ideas, create, enjoy. Three projects that I believe are change makers are: The Alternative University, Habitat for Humanity and Cristian Lupsa, the editor of ‘Decat o Revista’. These are examples of projects that really have impact and empower the people and make them be heard.  I enjoy listening to stories of life, people that have achieved great things. It’s wonderful to share the stories, to inspire and get inspired.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile:

Have an awesome day,


Hub of information + empowering the doers

Cristian Lupsa is becoming a project in and of himself :slight_smile: He’s been mentioned a lot of times already in the short time since we came online. Someone please do the rest of us a favor and invite him on board? I don’t know him personally, but we seem to have common friends.

I liked what you said about the middle ground between the fast way and the democratic way. If Spot the Future is or will be anything like Edgeryders the global community, it will be closer to the first: the way we operate right now is based on “who does the work calls the shots”, which is more empowering the doers rather than allow the non-doers to veto. Of course, if more people will be involved in something, it will be they making decisions and agreeing on their own process. I don’t know if this can work in communities not as self-organised.

Hope you can join Petru and the rest of us on Saturday! (See Events in main menu)