Baby Crying Sound Reducer


There are tons of reasons that makes baby cries. Baby might be hungry, sleepy, diaper dirty or more and more. While the baby is crying, mom has to check what the exact problem is, and before mom solves it, the baby won’t stop crying. In this period, mom might feel anxious, stressful or panic that from the crying sound, herself or others. This mental situation might influence mom’s decision making or education for the baby.

In some case, mom has to leave her baby to cry.

What if these all happen in a silence public such as an airplane, train, office or a good restaurant et.? To prevent this kind of situation happened, lots of parents even avoid to go to those places with their baby or even stay at home.

What are the main aspects of this project?

With the baby crying sound reducer parents can have more choice to go with their baby. It can also reduce the stress that comes from the stranger beside and creates a better quality of life for parents and people together in the same space.

How to?

Main Function

  • Active Noise Cancellation Technology

  • Baby soothing materials

Secondary Function 

+Volum control

  • Speaker output from baby with funny sound to make fun of himself

What have been done?

There hasn’t been anything specific active noise cancellation product that has been designed for baby and parents. Most of the active noise cancellation technology are used in earphone and space.

How would it work exactly?

Hey @wave, fun fact: I was reading about your idea as I was flying and thinking how my next big purchase should be a set of noise cancelling headphones.To be clear: not necessarily because of crying babies :-) Yet I don’t understand how it would work because of the very uneven cries and peak sounds which are hard to counteract. Tell us more.

Hi Noemi,

We are a group of students from Master of Interaction Design at Domus Academy. We are now working on Opencare project in colabration with WeMake FABLab in Milano. We have a lot of ideas we know :slight_smile:

This idea has some difficulties about reversing technology which is already there (sound cancellatıon). The way we wanted the prototype to work is that if we can use the existing technology of noise cancellation to design something that can be put on the baby in order to reduce their noise. We can further dıscuss how we were proposing to use the noise cancellation technology here, but for now we have kept this project on hold.

Actually we kept every project on hold and we are currently working on the Alzheirmer’s Wristband. It is in process now :slight_smile:

Happy to see things are moving

Keep up the great work! My advice is that for each post you include a call to action to the broader community where you ask for help. That also makes it easier to reach to the specialists in here, which  we do manually, sort of.

Same as Noemi

Hello @wave , I also was intrigued by this idea, but I don’t get it. As far as I know, noise cancellation is predicated each one of us having a “personal” source of reverse-phase sound waves: my headphones, for example. They sample ambient noise (the hum of an aircraft’s or train’s engine), reverse the sample’s phase and emit it in my ears. Your idea of emitting at the source is quite novel, at least I have never heard of it. Would love to know more!

Also, as Noemi says, existing noise canc technology works best at cancelling steady white noise-type sound emissions.