Basic sociocracy and facilitation training (sessions 1.1-3): spring 2024 cycle

Hello @reeflings,

Last December there was consent to bring in more sociocracy training (internal link | publicly accessible link). The full list of training courses that everybody is expected to follow can be found in Section 8.2.2 of the Onboarding Manual.

Here’s a proposed schedule for the first cycle of basic sociocracy and facilitation trainings. It would consist of three sessions:

  • S 1.1: governance in The Reef (45 min) + facilitation session 1 “how to integrate an objection”
  • S 1.2: facilitation session 2 “reacting in the moment”
  • S 1.3: facilitation session 3 “proposal shaping, role description & selection process”

The proposal’s gist is that everybody would follow these trainings. In practice I guess we won’t be forcing anybody, but if you joined The Reef in 2023 or later, or if you take part in a lot of meetings I think it would be a win for everybody if you could attend at least the first two sessions.

The dates were set as follows:

  • I went through The Reef’s calendar and identified all time slots on week days in weeks were there weren’t already two Reef meetings
  • I cross checked these with my calendar and Chris’s

That leaves a very limited list of dates, so the idea is this: we schedule the meetings, see who can attend, and if not enough people can make it for a proposed date, then we shift the entire schedule forward. After that, we’ll just launch another cycle, for newlings and for those who missed out a session and who would like to catch up.

@reeflings, can you please indicate whether you will be attending the following sessions?

Note: sessions are online from 7 to 9 pm, except session 2 which is in person

Updating the post and inserting new polls to correct for the typos

Yes I can make it

  • Session 1: Thursday 11/04
  • Session 1: Thursday 25/04
  • Session 2: Saturday 27/04 morning (in person)
  • Session 3: Monday 06/05
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I can’t make it or I would like to take a pass

  • Session 1: Thursday 11/04
  • Session 1: Thursday 25/04
  • Session 2: Saturday 27/04 morning (in person)
  • Session 3: Monday 06/05
  • I would like to take a pass
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@Lee 25/04 is a Tuesday, i guess you mean wednesday 24/4?
06/06 isn’t a Monday, do you mean 06/05?

Thanks for spotting that Els. I replaced the polls with the correct dates.

Thanks for putting all this together @Lee !

Just to clarify, is Session 1 being held twice so that the maximum number of people can do it before moving on to Session 2?

I’ve put myself down for both Session 1s, because if I’ve understood correctly, I’ll be a participant for the first one and leading the second one on the 25th…


Exactly that.

I have now also posted the schedule for the advanced trainings: Advanced facilitation training

Would you possibly have space to organise a crash course / catch up session for those who missed considerable parts of the basic training, but who would nevertheless like to sign up for the advanced one, starting on 21/05? I am working on a Powerpoint with all basic notions and exercises that could be used to tailor-tweak to what is needed / missing.

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Happy to, although I won’t have attended Session 3. Shouldn’t be a problem though. I can do the catch up session on Tuesday 14 May…

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