Basic sociocracy & facilitation training - July 2024

Hi @reef-exploring and @reef-associate members !

As some of you will have seen on the summer schedule document (Login – Nextcloud), there are sociocracy and facilitation trainings planned for the next 3 Tuesday evenings (2, 9 & 16 July). We invest quite a lot of time and energy into training at the Reef, both as a group and individually with external courses. The idea is that the more we understand and practice well sociocracy, non-violent communication, facilitation of meetings and cooperative collaboration, the more chance we give ourselves to achieve our goal of building a cohousing, and also establishing a group dynamic that will best serve the community who will live in it.

We’ve recently adapted the training on sociocracy and facilitation, so that it’s 3 sessions. I initially thought to do each of these three sessions over the three Tuesdays, but, in fact, we haven’t got past session 2 with the rest of the group yet. And also, there is some facilitation pracitce involved that doesn’t make a lot of sense if you haven’t been to a few plenary meetings first. So what I’m going to do is offer a recap of sessions 1 and 2, without the facilitation practice, once on 2 July and once on 16 July. So you only need to attend one of them, if you would like to learn more about sociocracy, as well as how we run meetings and make decisions. There will also be plenty of opportunities to ask questions about how we do things at the Reef with regards to our working methods…

Each session will be from 19h to 21h, and a link to the online meeting will be available on the Nextcloud calendar.

Here is a poll to let us know if you are planning on attending:

  • I would like to attend the 2 July session
  • I would like to attend the 16 July session
  • Sorry, can’t make either of those two dates
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These sessions will start running again from the beginning after the summer break…



As there is only one person signed up for the training tonight, and a few people told me at the plenary last night that they are aiming for the second one, we’ll just do that one on the 16th. So @kath, hopefully you can also make the second one…

Hello @ChrisM , no problem, I’ll be there on the 16


Both options work for me, so I’ll join the 16th!