BBC Frontline Documentary on Two UK Doctors Helping Refugees

Is a link to a writeup on an hourlong BBC documentary I watched while I was in Amsterdam last week.  I didn’t see a link to watch it online, though the synopsis is very good.  It would be interesting to follow up with those doctors to see what they are doing about all this now.

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it was a very good documentary

Hi John,

I watched it when it was on TV in the UK. It was very powerful and interesting, certainly worth following up with them.

The link to watch it through the UK BBC iPlayer service is here: BBC One - Frontline Doctors: Winter Migrant Crisis

I think it’s only available to UK IP addresses, but i’m sure that won’t hold you back, a simple VPN will get past that.

You can also follow the link and buy it as a video download for about $2/2Euro if you’re feeling generous.

It s a couple of months old (they did their journey at the beginning of the year) so they visited the Calais camp which is now very different and in the process of being forcibly cleared by French Police and government officials. Sadly this will just mean that it’s even more difficult to treat and assess the conditions of the refugees as they are most dispersed around the area and the clinic and social services that had been set up by volunteers and 3rd Sector orgs have been dismantled and closed.

If you wanted to organise a meeting or discussion with them i’d be happy to act as an intermediary, or scribe so we could share with the rest of the community.


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Are they in the UK?

Hiyah Alex,

was just writing up my notes from the call and saw this. I’m going to be in London from tomorrow through to Sunday.

  1. there’s a dinner Im hosting (Ezio will be there as well) if you you’d like to join us. I’ve rented an airbnb so if you need a place to crash you’re welcome to stay there too

  2. I’d love to meet them, with you also if you have time? I’ve no problem getting to where they are and if you’d like to join me that would be even better :slight_smile:

Let me know?



Hi Nadia,

That would be amazing, but i think i have to work tonight and tomorrow daytime which means i can’t do anything. I’m waiting to hear back, in which case i might be able to come down tonight, but it’s 50/50 at the moment.

I’m busy from early friday morning as i’m going to the wilds of Scotland for a week to write poetry and read EU cultural documents!