BBQ at Chris and Sarah's - 25/7

Hi @reeflings !

As we’ll be away for 3 weeks from the 29th, we thought it would be nice to put on a social event before we go, and make use of our lovely garden while the summer is still in full swing. So we propose a weekday evening bbq, weather permitting. For those that are able to make it, it should be another nice opportunity to get to know each other a little more outside of the organisational structure :slight_smile:

We’ll start at about 6.30ish, and probably light the bbq about 7. Having said that, if you can’t make it early in the evening, feel free to come by later, as I’m sure there will still be people sitting around.

We’re in Anderlecht, quite close to the Saint Guidon metro station, and there’s plenty of STIB and De Lign public transport coming from all directions. You can easily find the address in the Members Registry file on Nextcloud.

At some point next week we’ll start thinking about who needs to bring what, but for now the main thing is to get an idea of how many people would like to come, so that we can see if there is enough people going to be around to make this worth doing.

So let us know in reply to this thread if you’re around on the 25th and keen to attend…



What a great idea, unfortunately I cannot attend because I will be away from 20 to 31 July. Have fun though, and enjoy your holidays too :sun_with_face:

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Great, i will be around, thanks for welcoming…

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Lovely idea but i’m allready gone to “la douce france”

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won’t be here either :frowning:

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Great initiative Chris! I am away though 16th till 26th. Such a shame.
Have fun and a nice holiday after that!

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Thanks, @ChrisM , great initiative and would love to join, but we will be on holidays, can’t wait!!


Thanks for the invite! I’d be happy to join.

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Thanks for the invitation! Sadly, I already have plans that day.

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Hi all!

Unfortunately, the weather is not at all playing our game, so no bbq tomorrow evening :frowning:

Pinging @Sebas, @Lee, @Janet and @Victor, to make sure you see the message…

Hopefully there’ll be another sunny opportunity when we get back at the end of August :slight_smile: