Because life is too short to not help one another make it matter

Techheads who have developer chops and want to hang out with people doing meaningful work from all over the place.

People in large organisations, institutions or NGOs finding themselves asking how they ended up doing everything other than help the communities they care about. And how to get out of this.

People with small initiatives addressing the consequences of economic, social-ecological or political crises looking for a community of people with hands on experience with whom you can collaborate to scale impact.

People with too much money and time on your hands who feel that there has to be more meaningful ways to invest your resources than buy another gadget or commercially packaged “experience”. But not sure how you can meaningfully contribute on a deeper level than putting money into the umpteenth crowdfunding campaign.

Come along to Tbilisi on the 23-27th.

We are all doing things a little beyond what can be comfortably achieved with existing ways of doing things, tools etc. Come design and test creative ways to get better and doing good in the world.

We owe it to one another to make ourselves and each other more capable and fullfilled human beings while we can.

See you there.