Beginnings of a Creative Path

I’m an artist, photographer and animator based in Galway, Ireland. I got a chance to be part of an exhibition with Galway Design Hub painting pallet furniture. It was part of An Áit Eile’s “What Now?” event at Arus na nGael and the Arts Centre in the heart of the city. I remember arriving at the venue, there was an energy there that was contagious, it was electric. All of these people coming together to create an event, to celebrate design. I am big into animation and drawing, I love photography, I’m in first year of art college where i’m involved with the CCAFS (Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security) society in the National University of Ireland (NUIG). One thing I helped with was clothes swaps, to try to counteract the issues around clothing production.

I’ve just participated in AÁE’s pre-unMonastery event, a “Rural Reconnaissance” at Cregg Castle. What interested me about coming to Cregg was the idea of different people getting together with a myriad of skills, living together, using a space and learning from each other, in pretty much every way possible. It’s exciting!

Design for the Pop Up Village event?

@Sarah_Kinneen welcome to edgeryders! I’ve been to Galway twice last spring and unfortunately didn’t come across a clothing swap shop or event, but would have loved to! Is there a permanent setup?

I hope we get to meet soon, you know with an initial team of edgeryders we are dreaming up and doing location scouting for an event this September, a festival exhibition to show what communities are designing or coming up with to better take care of each other. It will be a culmination of all these encounters we’ve been having with groups in Galway, Berlin, Athens, Thessaloniki, Paris, Brussels and others who are doing pretty edgy things in social care and healthcare. Preps for this event would involve designing the space so as to host prototypes, demos etc. Would you be interested to get involved as an active contributor? We have a dedicated discussion group here, feel free to join!

Learnings from the pre-unMonastery event?

Reading all the latest posts from around Galway I realise almost everyone mentions the event at Cregg Castle from early December… very curious what has come out of it? @Bernard @Sarah_Kinneen are there materials posted online somewhere, or a post? Thanks!