Being part of the Edgeryders community


1. Introduction

2. What Edgeryders do

3. Why we think it’s good

4. How to get the most out of Edgeryders

5. How it works

1. Introduction

New to Edgeryders? Then this guide is for you. It’s our manual for effective teamwork and coordination.

Because we are a community of over 3000 members spread over 40 countries, learning to coordinate, collaborate and resolve conflicts online is crucial to our ability to work together. Over the years we have become very good at this.

This document is a manual for how we work together effectively in order to create and successfully implement ambitious projects such as OpenCare, LOTE events, or the unMonastery. Before you do anything else please make sure you read and understand the user manual as well as our privacy policy and terms of use.

Now let’s go through Edgeryders.

2. What Edgeryders do

  • Share experiences and reflections. We build challenges which contain a number of exercises starting with calls to share your personal experiences around a given topics, explore what others are doing and share your findings with other participants and introduce yourself to the community. Contributions are made in thoughtful comments or uploaded as challenge responses.

  • Identify and validate key learnings. We summarise key information/knowledge shared in challenge responses into one- page executive summaries. We send these out to the broader Edgeryders networks to gather feedback and advice from an incredibly diverse community of people from all walks of life.

  • Convene people and organisations around shared interests and objectives. We collaboratively build opportunities for members to learn from and support one another’s personal and professional development. These include weekly community calls, monthly newsletters, co-working cafes, fellowship programs, business, service and product development sprints, formstorms and fundraising, product and service development sprints etc…

  • Boost the resilience of existing projects and organisations. As well as building new ones such as OpenVillage, OpenCare, the UnMonastery.

3. Why we think it’s good

  • Grounded in reality. Focusing on first hand, lived experiences ensures that the insights, ideas and projects developed are grounded in reality rather than wishful thinking.

  • Helps avoid unnecessary waste of resources. Pooling efforts to discover what people already are doing contributes towards keeping everyone well informed and up to date without any one person having to spend too much effort. While ensuring we are avoiding unnecessary duplication and waste of resources.

  • Unleashes creative problem solving. Sometimes all it takes is seeing your challenge or context from a new perspective to unleash new ideas and creative solutions to problems. Our process aims to ensure that everyone can contribute, and have access to diverse perspectives on whatever we discuss.

  • Builds engagement and drives support. Building a shared foundation of understanding based on participants experiences and priorities is key to efforts to boost one another’s work, build partnerships and draw support/investment towards your initiative.

4. How to get the most out of Edgeryders

Edgeryders is a #nospectators space; what you get out of it depends on what you put in.

  • As a Contributor you answer questions presented in the challenges in the form of challenge response. Read and leave thoughtful comments on what others have posted to help push their thinking forward. Others will do the same for you. Get started here !

  • As a Thought leader you consolidate your own knowledge and build credibility by presenting your key insights in summaries of the discussions raised through a challenge. Every now and then you make the extra effort to improve the quality of the discussions by doing a little research for relevant examples, data, reports etc… More information.

  • As a Network-weaver you grow your network and relationships by joining one of the Edgeryders coordination teams. We recommend you start with micro-tasks, like taking 2 minutes/day to spread high quality content from the community to your personal networks: “I never had so many positive responses to my tweets before!”. Like the sound of this? Get in touch with to explore how you might get involved.

  • Trusted associate: Trusted associates help the Edgeryders social enterprise to deliver on our mission: supporting members to develop self-sustaining projects which generate enough value to compensate people for their contributions to the common good. As a trusted associate you take responsibility for stewarding projects through business model development and sales/revenue generation, in return for a cut of revenue/profits generated. For more information about this get in touch with

  • Subscriber - Investor program: We’re exploring a new “skin in the game” model for early stage investments in promising initiatives…and in Edgeryders as a whole. We think we have come up with a program that will both generate return on investment and increase the probability of new ventures taking off. Without compromising the integrity of the initiatives and the people driving them. Get in touch with for more information about this.

5. How it works

Step by Step.

  1. You create an account on and then log in to the platform (> 5 mins)

  2. Check out the questions posed in our open challenges and follow the instructions for answering them. (> 30 mins/ challenge)

  3. Your contributions are then commented on and discussed by other community members in the form of thoughtful comments. And you are encouraged to do the same for In order to keep the conversations focused and generative members take shared responsibility to curate content and summarise discussions. (> 15 mins/comment)

  4. Once the challenge is closed everyone who has contributed to the discussion (minimum 3 challenge responses + 6 comments) is invited to participate in events where we:

    • run workshops to learn and teach one another important skills
    • develop insights into exciting project ideas that draw interest and support
    • build technical and nontechnical prototypes of ideas to see how they work in practice

All Members are encouraged to reach out to more people who have relevant experiences and engage them in participating. We strive to make it easy to choose (and change) your level of involvement at any time; it can be as little as putting 2 minutes/day into sharing links to interesting and relevant discussions with your personal networks… or as big a setting up a 5-day barn raising sprint around a project you believe in.

Weekly Community calls. Every week Edgeryders hosts a group video conference call to welcome new people in the Op3nCare community, as well as get up to speed with what is going on and where help is needed. Participating in these calls is a good way to really understand how the project works, and how you can get involved as they are where we

  • Coordinate the upcoming activities as defined/required by the OpenCare project challenges and the Research project.

  • Discuss topics and issues that need shared thinking and in some cases, shared decision making.

  • Each time a different person volunteers to take notes and then post a summary online. The post contains a summary of the main decisions made, key tasks and who is doing them, as well as the points/insights from our discussions.

If you have any more questions etc. please get in touch with us at

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