Believe in Your Dream and Make Others Believe in It

Once I went to the University of Virginia. I wanted to study English literature. Years were passing by and I thought that soon I would be able to enter the big world and start working at my dream job. I always wanted to write - no matter if it would be fiction or journalistics. I loved essay writing so I knew I wouldn’t be left jobless.

When I graduated I found myself without no job offers, no money and no place to live. All I could do was return to my hometown Gardena and try to find something there. The city is not that big, so I couldn’t find much job opportunities for such an ambitious young writer as myself. So I started earning money by writing academic papers for my younger mates from Virginia’s. The money was poor, but after girls told their peers about me, I started to get more orders and caught myself enjoying this activity.

A little bit later I met some people. They had a dream to build an online business. I told them about my passion for essay writing and they decided that they would help me. They thought it was a good business idea - to create a reliable essay writing service with reasonable prices. So they invested their money in my talent. Alex and Sammy hired good writers with a degree to write custom papers. My friends in Virginia were promoting our writing service on campus. We started to receive multiple orders. We were helping people who had troubles with their writing. Through some time we created a blog where we were writing tips on how to write certain kinds of academic papers and our clients were grateful for that because they got an opportunity to learn how to write properly by themselves. It was a success! We called our service EssayPro Club. Later it transformed to EssayHub - that was done because we wanted to create a brand, to let people know that we were here for them and we weren’t going anywhere. So, that was my story of people believing in me. They gave my dream a shot and everybody won. I am still grateful to them because I now have my dream job and I can help people every day.

So don’t be afraid and believe in yourself and in people who surround you. It may give you a lifetime opportunity.

Creating your own job

Hi @tiamoreen and welcome to Edgeryders! I recognize the narrative because I myself have been through a process where I’m ending up working on stuff that wasn’t in the list of my academic edu programme outcomes. I posted my story a while back, here.

How can people in Edgeryders can support your work? And in turn, what are you interested to discover…? We have an annual gathering which this year takes place in Brussels, see if it’s of interest maybe? It’s called #OpenVillage Festival.

Hi! I would be grateful if you guys shared a link to my blog in social media if it’s not too onerously. That would help more people see the useful tips I write. As for the OpenVillage Festival. When is it going to be?

Will be sharing your story

I am definitely up for sharing your story here, and then others can get in touch directly with you…  @Owen who is manning Edgeryders media accounts picks the stories on edgeryders which resonate with a topic we’re exploring collectively. One of them is community care and how we look after each other in different setups, fields of work etc. For example about university - one thing that came up is learning to deal with pressure. This story about an online university and peer driven mental support is a good starting point, and it’s told by a programme coordinator there. When you get in touch with others, chances are others will get (back) in touch with you…

If you click on the link to the Festival it says 19-21 October, Brussels. also there: instructions for registering :-)