We are glead to join the group unMonastery and community.

…There are things worth all of us, big and small, making an effort for. One of them is loving and investing your own city each day. With our desires and vision of the future, we are the city. Technology, nature, hospitality, knowledge, sustainability, tourism and tradition: in a nutshell, Co-Working & Co-learning Environment Designs.

Because, The more people we inspire, the more people will inspire us.

I am willing to learn with you how change ideas into reality.

Best, Fabrizio Terzi

Welcome to Edgeryders :slight_smile:

Hi Fabrizio,

It’s very nice meeting you and thanks for posting about what you do! You’re in the right place, Edgeryders also acts as a distributed social innovation hub :slight_smile:

So we have some common friends, starting with [JoeCorneli], who once made a reference to “peeragogy” and the research approach you guys are using to study it (first time i come across the terminology though).

Also, I couldn’t help notice on the hub’s page that you intend to put Bergamo forward as a candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019. How is that going? Coming to Matera i think you’ll have plenty to discuss and share with the unMonasterians. especially if you’re looking into similar projects with your local community. Actually for Lote we have a track in the program especially dedicated at collecting input and running workshops on Building the unMonastery, perhaps have a look?  

again, very nice to have you!

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Hi Noemi !!

Ciao Noemi and thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:


@Joe Corneli is part of the Bergamo-Hub International Advisory Board Team and both volunteers and members of the (OER) Open Educational Resource “Peeragogy Handbook” &

Bergamo Hub is part of our Peeragogy in Action research program.

Peeragogy presents a range of techniques that self-motivated learners can use to connect with each other and develop stronger communities and collaborations. The book is addressed to everyone who is interested in how learning works, whether you’re an educator, a hobbyist, an artist, a home-school student, an employee, a parent, an activist, an archivist, a mathematician, or a tennis player.  The book was written by a bunch of people who think learning is cool.

And we love learning by doing with others peeragogues…!! :slight_smile:

We hope to be able to organize a working group and attend the event in Matera with you all…!!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome [Bergamo-Hub]

It seems like you have a great project !!! :slight_smile:

Wonderful to have you among the edgeryders community.

Thank you Dorotea :slight_smile:

great :slight_smile:

a working group would be a great idea :slight_smile:

I have very similar interests so I’m happy to join.

I’ve been working on Open Science and Open Research and Collaboration.

I’m also a Mathematician and Psychologist.

We’ll feature your project on the edgeryder’s facebook page, and other channels.


Welcome on board :slight_smile:

You're more than welcome on board and share your inspiration and expertise at any time Dorotea :slight_smile:

New ideas need audiences like flowers need bees. No matter how bright and colorful, they will die unless others work to spread them.

Thanks for the support. :slight_smile:

We’ll talk about our common interests soon…!!

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