Berlin Summit Declaration

Sooo, Forum New Economy had a summit a few weeks back exploring the rise in populism, and have produced a declaration. Info here: Berlin Summit Declaration May 2024 - Forum for a New Economy. Statement on declaration by Mazzucato. I’d love to hear some thoughts about this declaration from our econ thinkers.

I personally found Tooze’s keynote particularly insightful: Re-Live & Recaps - The Berlin Summit - Forum for a New Economy, beginning around 20:20.

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On my way to look it up, thanks.

And on this note: can you recommend conferences and events on new economic thinking in the period September 2024-June 2025?

Hi there, I wish I could. Forum New Economy seems to consistently produce interesting stuff, and their meetings are a mix of politicians, practitioners, academics, etc. I think they do an annual event; I was at the first.
I might have posted this before, but here’s their interview with Angus Deaton:
At the end during questions, someone wonders what new data we need to better understand the deaths of despair, and it appears Deaton gets somewhat annoyed and responds with ‘we have the data.’
It’s indicative of the elite tendency to say, ‘oh yes, there’s a problem’, but prefer to study it rather than fix it. We all know what’s wrong with modern global capitalism . . .
I’m sure you have lots to say about the extent to which people do or don’t focus on solutions. And why they don’t: lack of ideas, imagination, agency, organizing capacity, attention, wrong incentives?
That all said, this is why I liked Tooze’s bit, which was a call to action. People not on board with the plan need to get ‘steamrolled’. And why I think FNE does alright, and Fricke is serious about and uniquely qualified for what he’s trying to do. They focus a lot on the politics of economics.

I’m curious if people will find the manifesto actionable.

The Eastern Economic Association in the US meets annually and have lots of heterodox groups, such as radical political economists, stock-flow-consistent macroeconomics, and an agent based modeling group. The RPE sessions quote a lot of Marx by chapter and verse ; ).