Bi-weekly plenary meetings' agenda


OK for me. As a matter of method, I see these as five separate decisions, and would not want to vote yay are nay “in bulk”.

Correct. We’ll see how many we can tackle at this meeting.

hello ! yes that’s ok. i will write an update today or tomorrow

We cc @ugne have added some track changes and comments in the Governance + Working Methods, thanks! :partying_face:

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hello everyone! the meeting on the 19 th is online or physical? it’s next thursday, let’s adapt the calendar accordingly. cheers

Good point. I think physical would be more practical, given that there’s quite a lot of stuff to discuss.

ok. we can host you in our place if you want. or we can meet at yours, let me know what is better for you . we are cool with both. good day

Hi Manuel, if ok with you it would be helpful to us if it could be at @alberto’s this time (logistical concerns).

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Thanks a lot @manuelpueyo and @ugne. I have gone through the document and taken most comments on board.
Issues that will require a short clarification seem to be the following:

  • The level of importance of decisions: this is organised this way to remove some burden from the GA (we can’t decide everything together, so we’d rather use the GA decisions for the issues that are most important). It does not mean that some decisions are not important. If a Team would want to consult on the choice of the dishwashing detergent, this is of course always possible.
  • The point on documenting: this seems to be a misunderstanding about the terms. What is meant is that all Teams are expected to save all the relevant files on Nextcloud.

Let’s discuss on Thursday?

@reeflings: I have added the minutes of Thursday’s meeting in the “Team Reef” folder. Action points are at the end.

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