Bi-weekly plenary meetings' agenda

Hello @reeflings,

Just a quick ping about the next meeting, this Wednesday 6 April at Alberto’s.

For the agenda I would propose to include the following points:

  1. Proposal on next steps after the public meeting
  2. Proposal on a to do list for the next time to come
  3. State-of-play

If you would like to add any points, feel free to add them in the Powerpoint in the meetings folder?

If you would have the time to have a quick look at the two proposals that would be much appreciated (5 pages in total). The first point in particular (next steps after the meeting) will probably need some discussion and fine-tuning.


I would like to add a presentation on the current state of the ASBL statute.

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@reeflings let me add to that. We are now close to having the statutes fully cleaned up and ready to go. Lie has done a great job of producing an advanced draft, and the two of us are producing a second, slightly debugged version. So, the process now looks like this:

  1. We send the current version to Mark for debugging and comments.
  2. At Wednesday’s meeting, we go over the statutes together. This should surface remaining issues.
  3. We then take some days to think, re-read and solve the remaining issues. Note: for this, we need everyone, including Ugne, to be on NextCloud.
  4. We do a virtual GA to approve the new statutes.
  5. At this point, we execute the process of publishing all changes in the Moniteur Belge. I can take charge of this step.


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One thing we should also do still is agree on what is referred to in Article 3 as the “charte fondatrice”. This could be a shortened version of the Blueprint 1.0, but it would be good nevertheless to go through it and formally agree on it.

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Ping @manuelpueyo: the second version is finished and available on NextCloud. Please review and comment it there. Manuel, can you create a NextCloud user for Ugne too?

Update on this: I had a go at the charte fondatrice. The current version is on Nextcloud, in the “Statute” folder (link – needs access to our Nextcloud).

Question for @Lee: do we need to keep in there the “informal governance”, or just the objectives, aka building The Reef?

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Thanks a lot @alberto! Great work! I inserted some small edits, but nothing worth mentioning really.

This is a good question. I would like to include some of the basics, but maybe indeed not too many details. It’s something we need to check also with Mark when he will tell us more about “working methods”.

@reeflings, coming back to the issue of the agenda for this week’s meeting I have created a slide in the Powerpoint that offers a sort of smörgåsbord of topics we could discuss. It’s saved on the Google drive in the “Plenary meetings” folder.

Let’s see on Wednesday what’s the most urgent and what is the best prepared (by all I mean), and then push the rest forward to an online meeting in the week of 11 April?

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Hello @reeflings,

We agreed to meet online this Wednesday to have an official GA to agree on the statutes. Is this still feasible? If not I would propose to postpone the meeting to next week (any date before 21/04).

Other issues I would like to add to the agenda (if ok with you) for an “official” agreement (not necessarily for the PV though) are the following:

  • Choice of the architect
  • Decision-making about the purchase of the site (70% majority vote)

Other question related to last meeting: @manuelpueyo, did I understand correctly that Ugne (whom I assume does not have an account here?) made notes for the minutes? If yes, can you please post them on Nextcloud? If no, please let me know, then I’ll take care of it.

yes. she did the minutes, they are in the nextcloud. you can see them in this link

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Hello @reeflings,

For the plenary meeting on 5 May (at my place) I would like to include one agenda point to formalise our records on the decisions we take and in one go catch up on the backlog of things we decided but never really wrote down.

To this end I have created a folder that is called “Team Reef”. In that folder you’ll find the folder “plenary meetings” (with presentations and minutes) and a couple of new folders, called “agreements”, “decisions logs” and “proposals”.

In the “decision logs” folder I created a document called “decision log 2022” (that is of course still in proposal format) including the points that I would like to cover if possible:

  • coach
  • architect
  • decision-making mode for the purchase of the site
  • governance and working methods documents.

Can you please have a look at this prior to our meeting?

The inspiration for this way of documenting I have taken from Heartwood Cohousing (see this post from December 2021). If you have the time I’d be grateful if you could have a look at their agreements and at an example of a decision log.

Thanks a lot!

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thank you ! looking forward to the 5th, do we have an agenda for this meeting?


For the agenda I would keep it a bit flexible again, as we did the last time.

Possible items to go through could be the following:

  • Debriefing after the public presentation
  • Any points that need discussion on recruitment (flyer, Salon, cycling tour)
  • Decision log (format and process) + the 4 items that it currently includes
  • Task list for the next months (I’ll prepare a first draft)
  • Agenda and approach for the “get to know each other workshop” (I’ll prepare a proposal)

Other points are of course also welcome.

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I support this. Moreover, this should include all tools for transparency. This includes the folder now called ASBL (statutes, GA minutes, members registry) and anything financial. Here there is a technical issue: financial docs are highly structured, so it makes sense to only have team finance have edit privileges. On the other hand, everyone needs viewing privileges. Not sure how to solve this within Nextcloud: is it possible to include, inside of Team Reef, an alias for folders in Team Finance?

i dont know how to do this but maybe the Nextcloud’s File Access Control app enables administrators to create and manage a set of rule groups. Each of the rule groups consists of one or more rules.

No, that is made to add conditions for access, not to duplicate access. The feature was requested, but appears not to be on the Nextcloud road map.

I disagree that the financial stuff (bills and books) should also go here. The way I envisaged this folder was for it to be the folder for everything related to the plenary meetings. My suggestion would thus be to create a separate folder for everything that is related to payments.

Hello @reeflings,

For the agenda for this week’s plenary (on Thursday) I would like to propose the following items, which we could tackle one by one and leave what we can’t finish for next time?

1. Debriefing after the public presentation

  • Objective: Quick discussion of what went well and what could be improved next time
  • Timing: 15 minutes?

2. Administration

  • Objective: Sign the necessary documents for the asbl (@alberto)
  • Timing: 10 minutes?

3. Decision log

  • Objective: Adopt the idea of a decision log + the 4 proposals currently in it
  • Preparation: read the documents, possibly make amendments using the “track changes” function (if you do, please let me know so I can come prepared too :smiley:)
  • Further details: see folder “Team Reef” and post no 11 above
  • Time: 45 minutes?

4. To do list & way forward

  • Objective: Quickly discuss how we could get organised from here until October
  • Preparation: Have a quick glance at the “to do list” in the folder of Team Coordination (no need to read it all at this moment)
  • Time: 15 minutes

@manuelpueyo: given the scarcity of our plenary meeting time I was wondering whether we could do the practical organisation of our presence at the Salon de l’Habitat Groupé in writing. Would this be ok or would you rather have it included on the agenda?