BitCut project wiki


1. Introduction

2. Project work-flow

1. Introduction

Bitcut is a design lab for open furniture.

1.1 What is opensource furniture ?

Is a product from which people can access to the source files ( Drawings ) and produce it within any context .

1.2. short term Objective

participation on " Sidi Kauki Festival for( Wast Collecting Awareness ). + Tool kit for opensource furniture.

1.3. long term goals

Prototyping an opensource to change the MENA furniture market to more " Efficient \ price based product" and give the people the chance to produce it within any context .

###1.4. Project team

  1. @m_tantawy

  2. @Ghassan_faisal

  3. @islem

  4. @Sofien-Dahem

  5. Noha

  6. @HadeerGhareeb

  7. @hazem

2. Project work-flow

2.1 [ Daily] Progress Reviews

Day 1:
Presentation Link :
project introduction From @m_tantawy to the Team and small introduction form @HadeerGhareeb for her self and previous work at " From Trash to Toys " … then a movie night in the end of the day .

Day 2:
Continue with introducing the team to each others… + perception of each member about the open source concept in Furniture design …
Definition of open source
Day 4: Sidi Kauki Scanning isses
Day 5 : essiuara scanning for issues then "Tantawy visit to Mustapha’s place "

2.2 prototypes

First idea : Seidi Kaouki Station : Setting Area - Bin - Light unit .

Day6: Brainstorming about the products
Day 7:
Day8: discussion on the usability of the Station Idea ,
@Sofien-Dahem : suggested to start with new project focus on Playground for children , Noha: showed one of her participation on playground competition and presented 2 examples form Egypt:

  1. El ginena Project booklet
    2.Housh Ygamana project:
    @m_tantawy showed Open source website for Playgrounds which has the ability to show open designs for DIY playgrounds
    Day 9: @m_tantawy went to essiuera ti Chech CNC machine : he found one at the industrial area in essiura :°31’08.6"N+9°45’32.8"W/@31.5192865,-9.7598295,17.44z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d31.5190555!4d-9.7591027?hl=en

2.3 Platform


Awesome project!!

Do you guys need any help with photorealistic 3D visualization? I can help with that :slight_smile:
@m_tantawy @HadeerGhareeb

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hey @abdobelk thank you
excuse my ignorance, i just knew about Photorealistic 3D visualization yesterday from @Sofien-Dahem while we were discussing business opportunities for local artists with @islem and @matthias . This seem like a great tool to connect local artists with global market. Not sure how I can use this now myself but indeed this will keep me thinking of using this concept one day in my life :smiley:


ooh …great @abdobelk to read your support … sure you can help … we are trying to develop more designs … but we still looking for a website form to upload the designs on it … we did small trial with prototyping you can see it right here … we will contact you soon for collaboration =) =) thank u again

Guys this is looking dope. Really like the clean design. Reminds me a bit of the work my students did as part of our class on design for social and demographic change - different situation and context, but I liked their participatory approach in having people who would use the stuff also build it.

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@HadeerGhareeb, you’re welcome! Glad to help :slight_smile:

@m_tantawy, thank you :slight_smile: Here is how I can help with 3D visualization:

  • To obtain better results, it’s better to have schematic files (blueprints with measures), so I can create the models and do the renders. Otherwise if you have the models already made, I can use them to create the visualization for you.

I’ll be waiting to hear what you think!