Biweekly 07/04/21 - Agenda


This is the proposed agenda for our meeting on Wednesday.
A round of updates as usual for both projects. If you have any specific points you want to discuss please add them under your name below.

Since RezNet is preparing for Horizon Europe, during the biweekly calls we will be discussing any updates on this as well, in the last 15-20 mins of the call. Those that are not involved or not interested don’t need to stay for this.

  • updates on Horizon Europe

@MariaEuler @ivan @bojanbobic

I may not make it today — had to take an emergency trip back to the US. Will do my best.

no worries Amelia, if you don’t make it you can share some updates here.

Note to everyone, we changed the link to Zoom for today, it’s on riot and the calendar

Trying to join from calendar link but getting error message

Can someone send to me? I can’t access riot from my phone right now.

we are already done! will post some notes right now.

Ok, thanks marina. I have no updates requiring anyone’s attention. Leonie posted our monthly NGI report yesterday and the POPREBEL ethnographers have been posting lots of great interviews in the protected cat and summaries.

Notes and action points after our short meeting:

  • Masters of networks coming up. The minisite is published.

    • anthropologists need to be involved @amelia (side chat with @alberto needed about that)
    • have the group set up, no need to be big, but people need to know what they will need to do.
    • promote on twitter
    • Guy should be getting back to us after setting up the tentative Gather space.
  • Further updates from Alberto: fixed bugs related to the consent funnel thanks to Owen; fed some data for NGI project coordinators meeting; working on revision of Deliverable 1.14.

  • Last AMA on smart cities was interesting, should we keep doing this, how many more? According to the ethno team there is no need. If we want to, they might be linked to the final event, to be checked with @nadia

  • Team meeting about TREASURE is planned for next week, doodle here.

  • List of potential Horizon Europe calls is here. Climate ones might be further narrowed down. Pay attention to the “next steps” and take action.

This was @MariaEuler’s last team meeting before the :baby: comes! GOOD LUCK!
(p.s. @johncoate will be the person to contact in her absence, some further internal coordination might be needed, but @bojanbobic will also be jumping in for some of the ongoing things).

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sorry couldnt make it, sales meeting took much longer than expected and was not possible to cut off. From my end

  • Poprebel - we are preparing materials, minisite, recruitment pret etc for the final event. No outreach involved right now, just internal work.

  • NGI - we had the call with Nesta Italia and explained what we are up to. We discussed possibility of our event being nested within theirs. At our end we have been fleshing out the concept with some community members from different threads incl worldbuilding academy. Yudha is now on board, and we have a better defined sketch. Expect bigger updates next week.

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  • If conference team does get involved in running AMAs then it could be tied to the buildup for final event? Is this what you mean or something else?

Yes, basically if you would want to organize a couple of more AMAs that would lead up to the final event, for the purpose of engagement then it would make sense to continue with these.

I think, and from also the ethno team POV, there is not a need for new content for them to analyze so whatever we do on the platform for NGI should be directed toward the final event…mindful of the limitations on contracted CM (and other) hours…

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