Biweekly 07/10/20 - Agenda and Notes


This biweekly is going to be focused on POPREBEL. We follow the structure proposed here but discuss only POPREBEL related news and strategies. Some points from this morning’s weekly check-in will be presented to others.

Aim of the biweekly: get the better idea of what is happening across teams and align, resolve any doubts and agree on the procedures and responsibilites.

  • welcome

  • updates per team followed by Q&A

    • outreach and engagement: @nadia presenting the new strategy focused on events and interviews. Important to present new team members @bojanbobic and @IvanC and explain to everyone their role.
    • community management: @noemi (@Wolha present) presenting the role of comm.managers in this;
    • research: @amelia & @alberto share their news. Important to discuss how the new strategy feeds into what we promised in the GA and expectations from the consortium after the supervisory board meeting.
    • tech: @matthias shares news (if any)
    • admin & coordination: @marina shares news.
  • summary of action points and end of the meeting.

@MariaEuler & @johncoate & @hugi feel free to skip this as it is dedicated to POPREBEL, but also welcome to join of course.

Estimated time of the call: 1h.
Moderator: @marina
Note taker and time keeper: @IvanC

If you wish to add any more specific points to the agenda please do it by the end of the day (this is a wiki).

Talk on Wednesday!


I have one more item, but it is not urgent and it can be moved to the next biweekly. It is about the long-term strategy for the RezNet, that is now coming together. When we discuss that, I would want @martin to also attend, if possible – as well as, minimally, @hugi and @johncoate, but probably this would be an all hands kind of meeting.

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I can attend the biweekly next time, so let’s wait until then in that case.

yes, this is for the next biweekly. We add to that my short presentation of the upcoming calls.

An hour long meeting with the new house rules and agenda defined earlier in the week (see above).

Present on the Zoom call: @alberto, @amelia, @IvanC, @johncoate, @mariaeuler, @marina, @matthias, @nadia, @noemi, @wolha.

  • New Outreach strategy is introduced by @nadia – organisation of webinars accompanied by Premium Linkedin based campaigns.

    • We search for possible participants using key words through the whole Linkedin database (Premium feature) and invite them via personalised automatised message system to the specific initiative. We follow their (positive) responses via email template which directs them to the dedicated form on the platform. There they can register for the event and meet the Edgeryders at the same time. Following the initiative, we contact them and propose the follow-up meeting to discuss possible collaborations.
  • This system can be successfully used for POPREBEL campaigns with personalised messages in the languages of various countries, but we need local people leading the projects to use their personal Linkedin accounts to that end.

  • Research : on the Supervisory Board Meeting on the 25 September 2020 the doubts were expressed on our capacity to deliver “the shadows of the populism”. Following the lines discussed on the previous meeting, we are hiring journalists to interview people on safety and politics. In order to render this content as rich as possible for the ethnographers’ data collection:

    • conversations and not surveys must be created
    • on the biweekly ethnographers meetings will be discussed the threads that may be interesting to explore
    • active conversations will be tagged and prioritised
    • we need to find a way to collect conversations from the higher levels of society also
    • we introduce new topics – health: covid & consequences, neofeudalism – the Hungarian discussion
    • we need to render the people from the consortium more present on the platform as experts and moderators
  • Community management: we continue on producing interviews in original language. In parallel with the journalists’ work, community managers will be reactive and concerned with what people have already said. This way they can produce a story and give flesh and bones to the people involved, asking questions not only on what one’s project/organisation is, but how it started, what were the challenges, which the effects of the political environment, funding etc.

  • Tech: @matthias and @hugi are starting to work on the new version of the Graphryder, which will still relay on the Horizon 2020 project.

    • @owen is working on the collection of info through forms on the platform. It is important that he sees it through.

18:00 The meeting is adjourned, a video registration will be kept for some time if necessary on the Zoom cloud.

Soundtrack from the beginning: Khruangbin - So We Won’t Forget


@marina, can you help us setting up a design meeting for the new GR? We need: Matt, Hugi, Amelia, maybe other ethnographers?

Yes. I’ll draft the agenda for the next biweekly. We could also invite Martin and Andreja.

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We need a separate meeting, I think.

I thought dedicating the next team meeting entirely for this, but we can also schedule a separate one. In that case I would propose next Wednesday morning at 11h.

I prefer not to. The biweekly has at least the presentation of Reznet’s rough strategy for the next 10 years. That will require @martin for sure, and others, basically all hands on deck. But it won’t take long, an hour max.

Graphryder is opt-in: we invite people, but I guess some (Nadia, or you yourself) have no interest in it. And that might take quite some time, and become more of a work session (eg. create Github issues) then an information one. Also, I would not wait two weeks, do this one already next week.

ah ok, so this would be only on Graphryder. Makes sense. Would next Wednesday morning work for everyone who needs to be there: @hugi @matthias @amelia @katejsim @Leonie?

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Yes, we need to get into the nuts and bolts of the tech choices: interfaces, hierarchies, underlying math… Wednesday would work for me.

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Works for me.

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I have a call 9:30-10:30UK (that I can possibly shift slightly if needed, it’s with Mania).

Ask @Jan too, it would really help to have someone from POPREBEL there. Though mornings are a no go for him, he’s in the USA.

By next wed do you mean the 14th?

Dear All, I definitely would like to participate in a meeting as @Wojt has finished coding ALL existing materials in Polish and we have started looking at what we get out of Graphryder. Well, not much, as it does not work properly. And we need a strategy for more community engagement, ergo more “staff” to code… But, as you know, your mornings are hard for me. “Morning” is before 12:00, so it is before 6 am for me. Hmmmmmm. And on Wednesdays I teach from 9:30 am EST and usually read students’ work before these meetings. Stay safe. Warmly, J

Noted. So here’s the doodle for the next week, all with afternoon options starting from Tuesday: Expired Group Poll - Create a New Poll or Contact the Owner

Please fill in: @Jan @alberto @matthias @hugi @amelia @katejsim @Leonie

Please @marina keep me posted! - Martin

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On the basis of the doodle, for the majority this Thursday at 16h (CEST) would be an option, but missing answers from @Leonie @Jan @hugi - would that work for you?