Biweekly, 1/12/21 - Agenda

Hi all, as usual I’m sharing the standard agenda for tomorrow’s biweekly. Please edit the post directly if you have specific points you want to discuss for each project.

Round of updates per team for:


    • Where are we with the review meeting?
  • NGI

    • final event impressions and any action points as follow up
    • finalization of the project

    • second ethics deliverable finished
    • dissemination plan?
    • contributing to “the platform”

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Update in this post:

The general rehearsal is on 7th of December at 15h (it’s in the calendar), by then we need to finish the slides.


Review meeting covers the past periods and checks the future steps:

  • Preparation of the final conference - steps on the way

  • Deadlines – slides by the 7th, meeting on the 9th

Dissemination :
Alberto: dissemination should not stop with the final conference

  • We should be planning something by May/June

  • The only activites ongoing – preparations for the final event

  • add a slide to Marina’s deck

    • Concentrate on views on POPREBEL category, downloads of the POPREBEL datasets
    • the online forum is an engagement tool:
      • 226k views on the Wellbeing in Europe
      • 1877 downloads of the datasets

NGI – Impact Summit

  • 257 attendees on Eventbrite

  • Working on the materials to share with the participants - ± 2 weeks to start to disseminate

John – very complex, it took a lot of setup, constraints, but feedback exceptional: it looked we could have easily kept the people engaged for hours

Formal side

  • a report to be submitted – D4.2
  • the conversation is documented: one article per breakout room connecting to the findings from the ethnographic reports
  • a final deliverable – immersive, but easy to review


  • the ethics deliverable already submitted
  • dissemination planning
  • bilateral meetings in December
  • get the feedback on the focus topics
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