Biweekly 10/2 - Agenda and notes

This is the proposed agenda for our biweekly on Wednesday.

To clarify, these RezNet biweekly meetings are primarily for team leaders, other collaborators working on Horizon projects are welcome to join, but not required to contribute to the conversation if it requires any special preparation. It’s just a check-in, don’t want it to be stressful for anyone :slight_smile:

The aim is that we all know what is happening at all times across teams and stay up to date to any developments or needs to contribute.

We don’t discuss anything outside of the ongoing Horizon projects. We can touch upon the future ones briefly if necessary.

Any strategy discussions about the future of RezNet and similar are to be organized separately from these calls.

On the agenda:

@MariaEuler @ivan @bojanbobic @owen


Thanks @marina - I will have to skip the call today,

This is where I am :slight_smile:

  1. Closing the first round on community journalism with stories we invite everyone in the team to please share:



  1. Planning the next round of journalism + community events, tied to the engagement strategy:
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Some notes from yesterday:

  • ethno team:

    • in NGI, Leonie producing ontology, key themes out of the stuff we’ve done, comparing it to the comm.journalism digest, monthly reports (three key bullet points, anthro style, with quotes); coordinating with outreach, working together towards the final conference. Coding sprint - Leonie contact point.
    • poprebel: trained new ethnographers, putting together ethno field manual & the consent funnel. Each of the ethnographers is supervised by the language team leader.
    • detailed updates and notes from the last meeting are here.
  • research:

    • NGI task force meeting took place yesterday. Producing document that will show how through different methods, partners arrive to more or less convergent picture. This is mainly to show we are ‘comparing notes’ and that there are synergies between the WPs. Discussion here.
    • Alberto put up the draft blog post for the Masters of Networks
    • issue with the consent funnel still needs to be resolved
  • IT:

  • Action points:

    • Marina to check the POPREBEL Consortium agreement in relation to the planned extension request.
    • @alberto to reach out to ethics advisors for a meeting.
    • decision on AMA on smart cities needs to be made, who is going to be invited in the end. Suggestion Adam Greenfield. @MariaEuler coordinates this, together with @amelia.

Reached out to Peter Bihr regarding Adam Greenfield. He does not really know him and can not introduce us.

Before reaching out to him directly via email without.any connection, just wanted to ask if anyone else knows a connection there? (@amelia?)

I know Adam Greenfield, and not in a good way. I definitely don’t want to talk to him. I thought it was going to be a conversation about/with CISCO?

I suggest we do a different AMA altogether, if there’s not an obvious interlocutor in mind. I’m sure between everyone here there is someone who knows someone working in the tech space that could talk on something.

Ok in that case no AMA with Adam.

regarding Cisco:
I asked Rob to make a connection there to plan the AMA, but instead he went ahead and planned a call event with Bas Boorsma and Gordon Feller on BigBlueButton on March 29th 18:00 CET. that he will moderate.

We can set up a tell form and a thread to collect people questions for that, but it wont be in the AMA format.

Salon Smart City

the type of content will be similar to the two other events with Rob in January.

We can try pushing making it fit more in the AMA format, but he has rather settled on this one already.

Of course, we can also always do fully other AMA’s for April etc. March will be Covid data:
AMA - Data Openness and Covid

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No worries! Sounds best to do another kind of AMA, perhaps aligned with the topic we choose for April

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