Biweekly 14/7/21 - Agenda


Hi all,

as usual, this is the proposed agenda for our biweekly:

Please add any specific points you want to discuss.

cc @ivan

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I have some other work today I need to attend to. I have taken on some work doing metalwork to fill a gap in income during the summer, and also to get outside more and away from my keyboard. Thus I am currently otherwise disposed with an angle grinder.


Hei, unfortunately my zoom connection kept dropping off, I blame it on the heat wave when nothing is working and it’s all melting :smirk:

I was reading about the Witness game today - the google document that @Nadia & @Ivan prepared for the NGI event, and I saw that there is a call for game hosts: just wanted to point out that some ER community members are game network nodes and could help spread the word:

Maybe this is relevant, maybe not? I don’t know, but in any case if the game stays as part of the Impact conference of Poprebel, I hope it will work out in its adaptation!