Biweekly 16/6/21 - Agenda


Hi all,

this is the proposed agenda for our biweekly tomorrow:

Anything else?

cc @ivan


NGI is not much, because waiting for meeting with consortium as you know. Signup pages for both NGI and poprebel events under construction. Should be done in next two weeks. So only thing to bring up at my end really is treasure.

Are there dates for the final NGI event yet?

Not sure if I can make this one — will be at least 30 min late because of a meeting prior that will almost definitely run over.

Same updates on both projects — on NGI, working on the final report. On POPREBEL, ethnographers are uploading lots of stuff, coders are coding, and we are working together to refine the coding scheme and categories. All going well.


It is planned for November (not sure if the exact dates are already set)

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Hei, I am traveling and due to some delays there’s no way I can take this on the bus… Sorry!
No updates from me though,

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