Biweekly 19/5/21


Hi, since @marina is on a well deserved vacation, I propose we use today’s biweekly for the updates on the current state of things (and of course, address issues if something has emerged).

If you have to skip it, please post a short update in this thread.

cc @bojanbobic

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You forgot @amelia though

Will be present!

Sorry! I copy pasted the last biweekly list, taking for granted you were in it.

I can be there with a couple of updates, but will need to finish in about 30 minutes. Any important, non-urgent decision is posponed. If there are any urgent decisions, please bring them up at the beginning of the meeting, so we can make them together.

Best meeting ever.

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  • NGI Forum workshop done today by me.
  • Amelia shooting for finishing the ethno report by end July.


  • Amelia & team coding the academic debate on populism.
  • Our paper at IC2S2 was accepted, me coordinating the work leading to the final submission (a 12-minute video by mid-June, but also a full paper as a byproduct).

Further projects: discussion posponed. Let’s remember to ask @martin to present his future project in the next bi-weekly.

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On the POPREBEL WP7 side:

  • working on the preparation of the final impact conference
  • open call for ambassadors going out this week

Horizon Europe:

  • after a succesful webinar we have received some interesting expressions of interest for possible partnerships and will be exploring them in the following days

@Leonie has succesfully defended her PhD thesis - congratulations!


Sorry I missed it. I am visiting my son and something came up right at that time that needed my attention.

Thank you so much!!