Biweekly 2/6/21 - Agenda


Hi all,

this is the proposed agenda for our biweekly on Wednesday:

Anything else?

Talk soon!

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Hello @marina - I would like to join, if possible.
What’s the timing, please. - regards, Martin

Of course Martin! Will invite you through the calendar, we do it every other Wednesday at 17h.

Ahead of the call today, could I ask especially @hugi @amelia @alberto to have a look at something?
It influences how we go about the outreach, engagement and community mgt of TREASURE and future intiatives.

I came across something that the world economic forum is doing called Strategic intelligence. It has me thinking about what we could do as an engagement driver for future initiatives involving SSNA .


  • The user interface could be a good one to draw inspiration from for presenting our results. Seen from the users perspective, it could make more visible/tangible value added for them of our methodology, tools and engaging on the platform.
  • They are selling a filtered collection of research papers that people should read based on interest and a way to cluster them around co-occurrences of selected keywords. @matthias mentioned that for content imported from elsewhere, perhaps keyword extraction and categorization of research papers could be a task for some kind of AI.
  1. Video pitching the offer and presenting the interfaces + use cases:
  2. Business model: Digital Members

I’m stuck in a meeting right now so will be late to the biweekly.

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