Biweekly, 20/10/21 - Agenda

As agreed during the last biweekly, this one is going to be dedicated to the discussion about the future of RezNet, what came out of the retreat, what is changing in the next period, etc.

Opening here the space to shape the agenda together. How should we structure it? Who else should be invited?

@alberto @nadia @johncoate @hugi @noemi @martin @matthias @amelia @ivan @bojanbobic @markomanka

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I think it could be interesting for @lylycarrillo, @jean_russell, @IvanV, @clairedvn too to catch up on the RezNet (time tyranny allowing, not high priority)

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We do not have a plan. Or rather, we have two (possibly compatible) candidate strategies, but they are not a plan yet, because it is not clear who does what when.

They are:

What we do depends on the hands on deck. Realistically, we can use the call for an update and an exchange of views, but don’t expect a shiny plan. The willingness to contribute by @amelia and @markomanka are key element in deciding what to prioritize.