After the strategy meeting: is our medium term strategy still on?

Calling especially @amelia and @hugi, with whom we dreamed this thing up in October 2020.

My understanding of the 2-year strategy was the following:

  • End 2020: white paper. Necessary to make a watertight pitch for how our method can lead to big, discipline-wide impact.
  • 2021: bridge grant(s) to keep the team together, the methodology fresh and preserve the tech stack from bit rot.
  • 2022: ERC advanced or synergy grant. Amelia singled out Daniel Miller as the perfect person to apply for a synergy grant with. Synergy grant is also the right tool for trying to alter the shape of the discipline.

From what I heard in the meeting, the Miller liaison is no longer a go. So maybe this needs to be revised? In what direction? If not, maybe we need to revamp it? The white paper is languishing (latest edit: December 9th), and if we do not finish it soonish I am afraid we never will…

Until the end of Jan I am buried under the H2020 proposal writing. In Feb I plan to pick up the white paper and develop this all further, including the strategic thinking element!


Sure, no rush at all. Just wanted to write it as long as I remember it. :grin:

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